Mushtaq Ahmed Restored His Mobility

Mushtaq Ahmed Restored His Mobility

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Mushtaq Ahmed 's Story

Mushtaq Ahmed, a 58-year-old resident of Sheikhupura, lost his right leg due to the development of gangrene after uncontrolled diabetes, seven years ago. He got the right artificial leg six years ago, but it was worn out.  His left leg was also amputated four months ago. The doctor advised the replacement of the right artificial leg and left below-knee prosthesis. He was not financially stable enough to afford the cost of both artificial legs. He longed for the day he would receive the prostheses of both legs to restore his mobility and freedom. However, due to financial limitations, he was unable to pay for it. 

Mushtaq reached out to Transparent Hands, and we registered his case. Under the supervision of Dr. Khalid at Hope Rehabilitation Centre, both below-knee prostheses were fixed on 20-07-2023. He was overjoyed to be able to walk again after receiving an artificial leg.

Mushtaq’s life took a remarkable turn following the implantation of his prosthetic legs. The newfound freedom and independence provided by his limb replacements brought him immeasurable joy and a profound sense of accomplishment. No longer reliant on others for assistance, he could navigate his daily life with ease. 

This simple act of regaining his mobility had a profound impact, restoring Mushtaq’s self-worth and confidence and taking care of his family. The emotional healing Mushtaq underwent was life-changing. It empowered him to face obstacles with renewed determination. He found the strength to tackle life’s challenges. 

Expressing his immense gratitude to the generous donors who made his transformation possible proved to be a challenge for Mushtaq. The magnitude of their support overwhelmed him, leaving him searching for the right words to convey his appreciation. Thanks to their assistance and kindness. 

Mushtaq Ahmed not only regained his mobility but also managed to find some work, attaining financial independence once more. Their contribution had far-reaching effects, giving him a chance to rebuild his life with strength and gratitude.

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