Naimat Ali Stand Back on His Feet

Naimat Ali Stand Back on His Feet

Naimat Ali

Naimat Ali 's Story

Following a debilitating road accident five years ago, Naimat Ali, a 48-year-old resident of Kasur, experienced a profound shift in his life trajectory. The severe injury to his left leg prompted immediate medical attention, leading him to the local hospital for initial aid. Unfortunately, the gravity of the situation necessitated the amputation of his left leg above the knee, a life-altering event that left Naimat grappling with the loss of mobility, independence, and a sense of self.

Since the incident, Naimat has battled overwhelming emotions of devastation, anger, and grief, compounded by the difficulties of leaving his house. The resultant sense of confinement and isolation has created a profound feeling of imprisonment, intensifying his desire to regain independence. Financial constraints, however, have become a formidable barrier, preventing Naimat Ali from obtaining a prosthetic leg and restoring his mobility.

Residing in a small house with his wife and six children, Naimat’s financial dependence on relatives underscores the challenges he faces due to his disability. The lack of stability in his financial situation exacerbates his inability to cover the costs associated with acquiring a prosthetic leg independently. He turned to Transparent hands. Through the help of donors, his surgery was performed on 15 September 2023 at Hope Rehabilitation under the supervision of Dr Khalid Niaz. He thanked Transparent Hands with words of gratitude.

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