Naseem is recovering after her vaginal hysterectomy

Naseem is recovering after her vaginal hysterectomy

Naseem Begum

Naseem Begum's Story

Naseem Begum, 67 years old, was diagnosed with third degree vaginal prolapse (procidentia) and was recommended a vaginal hysterectomy by her gynaecologist. For this purpose, she was admitted in Ahmed Medical Complex and the procedure was performed by Dr. Nuzhat Jehangir on 19.10.2020. Her displaced uterus was successfully removed. Naseem stayed in the hospital for three days and was discharged in a stable condition. She has had a satisfactory post-operative recovery and is taking bed rest as prescribed by her doctor.

“Since the surgery, I have not felt the backache that I usually felt. The doctor says that she has successfully removed my displaced uterus. I want to thank your entire team and all the donors for their support.”-Naseem Begum

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