Nasreen Bibi Restored her Mobility

Nasreen Bibi Restored her Mobility

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Nasreen Bibi 's Story

Nasreen Bibi, a 55-year-old resident of Lahore, had been suffering from diabetes. One year ago, her right foot got inflamed with ulcers. She went to the doctor at the local hospital. Upon evaluation, she was diagnosed with an infected diabetic foot. She had developed a spreading soft tissue infection from her foot ulcers that finally required amputation. At first, the doctors tried to save her right leg by only amputating two digits of the affected foot. But later on, they had to amputate her right leg above the knee. She eagerly awaited an artificial leg that would allow her to walk again and regain her independence. However, she could not afford to pay for it due to financial constraints. 

She reached out to Transparent Hands, and we registered her case. Under the supervision of Dr. Khalid at Hope Rehabilitation Centre, her above-knee prosthesis was installed on 10-05-2023. After getting an artificial leg, she was overjoyed to be able to walk again.

Her life had undergone a remarkable transformation. Her new prosthetic leg gave her a renewed sense of independence and mobility. Her confidence soared after she conquered her fear of walking again and was able to do so independently of others. The simple pleasures of going for a walk, and taking part in other routine activities were at last within her reach. The prosthetic limb not only helped her emotionally and psychologically, but it also helped her regain her physical mobility, giving her renewed strength to face the challenges that life presents.

She was at a loss for words to convey her gratitude to the generous donors who were responsible for making this miraculous transformation a reality. She was able to walk again, and their help restored her faith in humanity. Their generosity allowed her to begin again and find relief in life.

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