Rasheeda Begum had a successful C-Section Procedure

Rasheeda Begum had a successful C-Section Procedure

Rasheeda Begum

Rasheeda Begum's Story

Rasheeda Begum, a 41-year-old resident of Karachi, is currently seven months pregnant and has received medical advice from her doctor that she will require a C-section within the next two months.

She sought professional medical advice at a local hospital, where her doctor emphasized the need for a C-section due to medical considerations and the risks associated with normal delivery. However, Rasheeda and her husband find themselves in a challenging financial situation, unable to afford the medical expenses required for the procedure.

Rasheeda’s plea for assistance echoes the urgency of her situation. She reached out to Transparent Hands, and we are determined to make a world of difference, ensuring that Rasheeda receives the necessary medical care for a safe delivery.

Fortunately, Rasheeda’s plea for help was answered, and she was admitted to Murshid Hospital,  Karachi, where under the skilled guidance of Dr. Samreen, the C-section was successfully performed on 24-11-2023. The arrival of a healthy baby girl brought immense joy to Rasheeda and her family. Following three days of comprehensive postnatal care and monitoring, both mother and child were healthy and ready to start their healthy journey together.

Rasheeda Begum remains profoundly grateful to all generous donors whose generosity and financial contributions made her procedure possible. Their unconditional support played a pivotal role in ensuring the safe delivery of her baby through C-section and securing the well-being of her cherished child.

In the depths of her despair, she was lifted by the compassionate assistance she received. Transparent Hands not only alleviated her financial burdens but also reignited the flicker of hope within her heart. The realization of motherhood, a cherished dream she had longed for, now shone brightly, illuminating a world brimming with infinite possibilities for her child.

The incredible support and compassion, Rasheeda Begum received lifted her spirits and provided immense relief from her worries. Now, she can focus wholeheartedly on caring for her beloved child, knowing that she has a strong family by her side.

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