Raza’s Pull Through Surgery was Successful

Raza’s Pull Through Surgery was Successful

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Muhammad Raza's Story

Four-year-old Raza, a resident of Pindi Bhattian, had suffered from acute abdominal swelling pain since birth. He was operated on in the emergency room, and a colostomy was made at the time of his birth. Later on, his condition was diagnosed as Hirschsprung’s disease. Recently, his parents took him to the hospital, and the doctor advised abdominoperineal pull-through surgery to pass his stool through the normal passage. He was admitted to the Lahore Care Hospital, where Dr. Naveed performed his surgery on 8-12-2022.

He was discharged after one day of hospitalization. Due to your kind donations, Raza has recovered completely now. Donate money to help more children like Raza.

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