Ruqaya Had a Safe C-Section Delivery

Ruqaya Had a Safe C-Section Delivery


Ruqaya Bibi's Story

Ruqaya, a 23-year-old resident of Karachi, found herself facing a critical situation as she entered the final stage of her pregnancy. This was her second pregnancy, she had reached the crucial 8-month mark. However, complications arose, and her doctor advised her to undergo a C-section for the safe delivery of her baby. With a previous C-section in her medical history, this surgical birth was deemed necessary.

In the face of this recommendation, Ruqaya and her family were confronted with a significant challenge. The burden of financial strain they endured made it impossible for them to afford the cost of the necessary surgery. As a housewife, Ruqaya was unable to contribute financially, further exacerbating their difficulties. Their worries and fears multiplied as they contemplated the impending birth and the potential risks associated with not being able to undergo the recommended C-section.

Fortunately, Transparent Hands registered Ruqaya’s case and became a beacon of hope in their time of need. Through the support of compassionate donors, Ruqaya was admitted to Murshid Hospital, where Dr. Samreen Zeeshan performed a C-section procedure. The generosity of these donors made it possible to receive the necessary medical care and support.

On January 12, 2024, Ruqaya successfully underwent the C-section procedure, guided by the skilled hands of Dr. Samreen Zeeshan. The procedure brought forth the arrival of a healthy baby boy, filling the room with joy and relief. After just one day of post-operative care, Ruqaya and her newborn were discharged from the hospital, ready to embark on their journey together at home.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Ruqaya expressed her heartfelt thanks to Transparent Hands and all the donors who selflessly came forward to support her during this critical time. Their kindness and generosity not only ensured the safe delivery of her baby but also provided her family with a renewed sense of hope and relief.

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