Saba Had a Beautiful Baby

Saba Had a Beautiful Baby

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Saba Shahzad 's Story

Saba, a 35-year-old resident of Lahore and a loving mother of one, eagerly anticipated the arrival of her second child. During her ninth month, she sought the best possible care by visiting a local hospital for a checkup. Taking into account Saba’s medical history and current circumstances, the experienced gynecologist recommended a Lower Segment Cesarean section for the safe delivery of her baby. Saba made the firm decision to proceed with the recommended procedure, recognizing the critical importance of protecting her own health and the health of her unborn child. Despite her determination, Saba was confronted with the financial burden of surgical expenses, prompting her to seek help from Transparent Hands.

Saba was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital, where the skilled hands of Dr. Rakhshanda performed the C-section on 27-05-2023.  Saba gave birth to a healthy baby boy, bringing her family great joy. Both mother and child were deemed healthy and ready to begin their new chapter together after three days of comprehensive postnatal care and monitoring.

This success story would not have been possible without the invaluable support and assistance of Confiz Limited. Saba expresses her deepest gratitude to Confiz Limited for their unwavering generosity and financial contribution. She remains forever thankful to Confiz Limited for their instrumental role in ensuring her successful C-section delivery and the well-being of her cherished child.

Saba found herself grappling with the weight of her circumstances, immersed in a sea of sadness, and overwhelmed by a deep sense of despair. Motherhood, a prized gift she yearned for, seemed out of reach, plunging her into a deep depression. Lifeline by Transparent Hands not only relieved her financial burdens but also ignited a spark of hope within her heart. The doors to motherhood swung open with their help, illuminating a world brimming with infinite possibilities for her and her unborn child.

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