Safia can walk with an Artificial Leg

Safia can walk with an Artificial Leg

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Safia Bibi's Story

Safia Bibi, a 50-year-old resident of Lahore, had been suffering from diabetes. One year ago, her right foot got inflamed with ulcers. She went to the doctor at the local hospital. Upon evaluation, she was diagnosed with an infected diabetic foot. She had developed a spreading soft tissue infection from her foot ulcers that finally required amputation. At first, the doctor tried to save her right leg by only amputating two digits of the affected foot. But later on, he had to amputate her right leg above the knee. The loss of her right leg above the knee left her feeling helpless, dependent, and uncertain about her future.

Without an artificial leg, she faced numerous challenges on a daily basis. Normal, everyday activities like walking or climbing stairs became impossible for her. In need of financial support, she reached out to the Hope Rehabilitation Centre, Lahore, and Transparent Hands. 

Her artificial leg was fixed on 15-02-2023 under the supervision of Dr.Khalid. Tears of joy streamed down her face as she realized that she could once again regain her independence. The artificial leg provided her with a newfound sense of hope and empowerment. With its support, she became capable of performing everyday tasks that were once arduous or impossible. Her ability to move freely and without any physical restrictions made walking a joyous experience. She was able to climb stairs, which gave her access to locations she had always wanted to see but was unable to due to her condition. She has also regained the confidence to connect with her relatives and engage in social gatherings.  

Words cannot adequately express Safia’s gratitude for the immense support she received. Every act of kindness and generosity touched her heart in profound ways. She is forever grateful to all those who contributed to her journey of recovery and transformation.


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