Salman’s Artificial Arm Was Fixed

Salman’s Artificial Arm Was Fixed

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Salman Ali 's Story

Salman Ali, a 22-year-old resident of Gujranwala, whose life took a devastating turn six months ago. While working in the corn fields, tragedy struck when his left hand became entangled in a corn machine, resulting in a severe crushing injury. Rushed to the hospital’s emergency ward, Salman received immediate medical attention, but despite the doctors’ best efforts, his arm could not be saved, and amputation was necessary. Left with the profound loss of his left arm, Salman was advised by his doctor to consider a prosthetic arm to regain his independence and mobility.

However, the financial burden proved to be overwhelming for Salman, as his limited income made it impossible for him to afford the cost of an artificial arm. In search of a solution, he turned to Transparent Hands, seeking their support and assistance. Recognizing the significance of his case, Transparent Hands committed to raising the necessary funds to provide Salman with an artificial arm, offering him hope for a brighter future.

Under the expert supervision of Dr. Khalid at Hope Rehabilitation Centre, his prosthetic arm was skillfully fitted on 19-08-2023. The restoration of his physical form and function brought about a profound change in his life. With the aid of the artificial arm, Salman regained the ability to perform daily tasks, restoring his sense of independence and empowering him to embrace life with renewed confidence.

The impact of the artificial arm extended far beyond the restoration of Salman’s physical appearance. It served as a symbol of resilience and determination, reminding him that he was not defined by his disability but rather by his inner strength. 

Through the collective efforts of Transparent Hands and the selflessness of donors, individuals like Salman can regain their sense of self, reclaim their independence, and fulfill all responsibilities in their life. 

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