Sameen Ayyaz Got Gift of Hearing

Sameen Ayyaz Got Gift of Hearing

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Sameen Ayyaz's Story

Sameen Ayyaz, a 14-year-old resident of Sahiwal, had faced the profound challenge of being deaf since birth. Her parents noticed when she was just one year old that she did not react to their voices, prompting them to seek medical help. Diagnostic tests revealed that Sameen suffered from sensorineural hearing loss, and cochlear implant surgery was recommended as a solution.

Unfortunately, Sameen’s family faced financial constraints that made the costly surgery unaffordable for many years. However, they received a glimmer of hope when a caring family member informed them about Transparent Hands. Without further delay, we registered Sameen’s case and started her campaign to collect funds on our website.

With the support of generous donors, Sameen was admitted to the National Hospital and Medical Center. On March 9, 2024, Dr. Naveed Aslam successfully performed her surgery for the internal component of the cochlear implant. Just one day later, Sameen was discharged from the hospital, filled with optimism and the anticipation of gaining the ability to hear.

Her journey continued as, six weeks later, the external component of the cochlear implant was also fixed. At the same time, Sameen began her dedicated journey through speech therapy sessions, playing a crucial role in her adaptation to the auditory realm.

The success of Sameen’s journey owes its success to the remarkable support of generous donors. Their contributions not only provided the necessary financial assistance but also served as a beacon of hope, infusing Sameen’s family with strength and optimism throughout this transformative journey.

This story shows how medical advancements, determination, and the kindness of donors came together to make a big difference. Sameen, with her strong spirit and the help of Dr. Naveed and generous donors, now has a bright future ahead. She can explore a world full of communication, learning, and endless possibilities.  Her life was forever changed, as she now had the opportunity to fully experience the richness of sound and connect with the world in a meaningful way.

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