Sania Khatoon Underwent a Successful Lobectomy Surgery

Sania Khatoon Underwent a Successful Lobectomy Surgery

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Sania Khatoon's Story

Sania Khatoon’s journey to receive medical help despite her financial struggles and living in a small village in Sindh, Pakistan, is a testament to her resilience and determination. For four years, she had been experiencing throat pain, but her financial constraints prevented her from seeking medical attention until recently. Upon consulting a doctor, she was diagnosed with a thyroid nodule and was advised to undergo a lobectomy surgery.

Thanks to the skilled surgeon Dr. Shumaila Ayub and the staff at United Hospital, Sania’s surgery was successful, and she was discharged the following day. This experience not only provided physical healing but also emotional healing for Sania, who had been struggling with her condition for four years. Sania is grateful to all the donors who supported her in her time of need and helped her access quality healthcare services.


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