Saood underwent ileostomy reversal surgery

Saood underwent ileostomy reversal surgery

Saood Iqbal

Saood Iqbal's Story

Saood Iqbal, 6 years old, had his ileostomy made after an emergency surgery for typhoid perforation. Later, his doctors advised surgery to reverse this ileostomy. His surgery was done in Lahore Care Hospital on 09-12-2020 by Dr. Sajid Iqbal Nayyer. Saood’s intestinal continuity was restored by ileostomy closure. His postoperative recovery was complicated when he did not move his bowel. He was observed and investigated for this. It was found out that he had adhesion obstruction and the doctors decided to explore him surgically. He was operated in the same hospital admission on 12-12-2020 once again. Saood’s ileostomy reversal site had healed well and his coiled intestine was straightened during this surgery. He recovered well in eight days of his hospital stay and was discharged in perfect health.

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