Shahid’s Removal of the Implant was Successful

Shahid’s Removal of the Implant was Successful

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Muhammad Shahid's Story

Muhammad Shahid, a 38-year-old resident of Hyderabad, found himself facing a challenging situation due to an injury he sustained to his right knee seven years ago. Seeking relief from the persistent pain, he visited a local clinic where he was diagnosed with a ligament injury to his knee joint, specifically the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Recognizing the severity of his condition, the doctor advised Muhammad Shahid to undergo right-knee ACL reconstruction surgery.

With hope in his heart, Shahid underwent the surgery, which proved successful. The procedure aimed to restore stability and function to his knee, allowing him to lead a more comfortable and active life. For a few months, he enjoyed the benefits of the surgery, until recent complications arose.

Muhammad Shahid revisited his doctor, experiencing pain, swelling, and signs of infection around his knee. After careful examination, the doctor diagnosed him with an implant-related infection, which required immediate attention. To alleviate Muhammad Shahid’s discomfort and prevent further complications, the doctor recommended the MUA, Knee intra-articular injection followed by removal of the implant. 

However, the financial burden of the surgery loomed over Muhammad Shahid and his wife. Paying for the necessary procedure seemed nearly impossible.  In the time of need, he contacted Transparent Hands for financial support. He was admitted to Murshid Hospital, Karachi, his surgery was performed successfully by Dr. Khadim on 5-08-2023. He was discharged from the hospital after four days of stay. The surgery was a success, and the medical team provided attentive and compassionate support throughout his stay. 

In their hearts, Muhammad Shahid and his wife carried the immense gratitude they felt towards Transparent Hands and the donors who had made their journey to recovery possible. With hope in their hearts and a deep appreciation for the kindness they had received, they set off on their path to healing, forever grateful for the generosity that had changed their lives.

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