Shazia Delivered Her Baby Safely

Shazia Delivered Her Baby Safely

Shazia Bibi elective csection

Shazia Bibi's Story

Shazia Bibi, a 30-year-old resident of Multan, was expecting her fifth child. Due to her history of multiple childbirths through cesarean sections, the doctor advised her to undergo an elective cesarean section to avoid risks and complications. But since Shazia’s husband is an ordinary shepherd and could not afford to pay for his wife’s procedure, they came to Transparent Hands for help. We sent her to Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital to get her surgery done by Dr. Humaira Imran on 03-01-2022. Shazia delivered a healthy baby boy. She was discharged after five days of hospital stay in satisfactory condition. Shazia looks forward to her child’s bright future.

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