Shehnaz Bibi had a Life-Saving Mastectomy

Shehnaz Bibi had a Life-Saving Mastectomy

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Shehnaz Bibi Ahmed Saeed's Story

Shehnaz Bibi, a 43-year-old resident of Kasur, faced a challenging battle when she discovered a breast lump that had been growing for the past year. Despite her hopes for improvement, the lump continued to enlarge, leading to a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. Her doctor recommended a left-modified radical mastectomy with axillary clearance, a critical surgical procedure aimed at removing the affected breast tissue and lymph nodes. However, Shehnaz faced a significant financial hurdle in accessing the life-saving mastectomy.

In her time of desperate need, Shehnaz turned to Transparent Hands, and we are dedicated to providing support to those in need, swiftly stepped in to provide the necessary treatment. 

Shehnaz was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital, where her operation was successfully performed by  Dr. Ahmad on 16-10-2023.  The surgery was performed successfully, marking a significant turning point in Shehnaz’s battle against breast cancer. The medical team at Lahore Care Hospital provided exceptional care and support, ensuring her comfort and well-being during her stay.

After three days, Shehnaz was discharged from the hospital, her spirits lifted by the successful surgery and the prospect of a brighter future. The support she received not only enabled her to undergo the mastectomy but also instilled a renewed sense of hope and resilience.

With heartfelt gratitude, Shehnaz acknowledges the invaluable assistance she received from Transparent Hands and the compassionate donors who made her path to recovery possible. Their generosity not only saved her life but also provided her with the opportunity to regain her health and continue her journey forward.

With each passing day, Shehnaz Bibi cherishes her improved health and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. She remains thankful for the compassionate care she received, forever grateful to Transparent Hands and all donors who played pivotal roles in her successful battle against breast cancer.


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