Shehnaz’s adenoma was excised

Shehnaz’s adenoma was excised

Shehnaz Ashraf

Shehnaz Ashraf's Story

Shehnaz Ashraf, aged 35 years, suffered from progressive loss of vision and recurring episodes of intense headaches. She could feel that her health was deteriorating so she consulted a doctor. On complete workup, she was diagnosed to have pituitary adenoma and she was advised surgery to remove it. For this purpose, Shehnaz was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital and her operation was performed by Dr. Hassan Raza on 20-04-2021. Her endoscopic excision of adenoma was done through the trans-nasal route. She stayed in the hospital for sixteen days and was discharged in a stable condition. Shehnaz is taking bed rest as advised by the doctor and her condition is improving steadily.

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