Waseem can breathe properly now

Waseem can breathe properly now

Waseem Akhtar

Waseem Akhtar's Story

Waseem Akhtar, 34 years old, suffered from nasal obstruction and post-nasal drip. On consultation with an ENT specialist, he was diagnosed with deviated nasal septum on the right side and enlarged inferior turbinates along with sinusitis. The doctor advised a septoplasty and antral washout for him. For this purpose, Waseem was admitted in Maryam Memorial hospital and his surgery was performed by Dr. Nasheed on 18.11.2020. He stayed in the hospital for one day and was discharged in a stable condition. He is slowly recovering from his surgery.

“I can breathe properly now. The feeling is very unusual since as long as I can remember, I have had trouble with breathing. This surgery is life-changing for me.”– Waseem Akhtar


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