Yaqoob’s heart surgery went well

Yaqoob’s heart surgery went well

Yaqoob’s heart

Muhammad Yaqoob's Story

Muhammad Yaqoob, 71 years old, suffered from constant chest pain and was diagnosed with multi-vessel coronary artery disease. His cardiologist suggested a coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery to restore the blood flow to his heart. For this purpose, Yaqoob was admitted in National Hospital & Medical Center and the surgery was performed by Dr. Tayyab Pasha on 08.11.2020. His hospital stay was thirteen days and he was discharged in a stable condition. Yaqoob’s heart is on his way to recovery and has gradually resumed his daily routine.

His reaction, straight from Yaqoob’s heart:

“I feel like I am young again. The doctors improved the blood flow to my heart through the surgery. The donors have given me another chance at a life that I thought was slipping away from under my feet due to lack of financial resources.”– Muhammad Yaqoob


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