You Assisted Muhammad Mustafa in Embracing Sound

You Assisted Muhammad Mustafa in Embracing Sound

Muhammad Mustafa

Muhammad Mustafa's Story

Muhammad Mustafa, 3 years old from Nowshera, KPK, whose world has been enveloped in silence since birth due to congenital hearing loss. Recognizing his inability to respond to sounds, medical tests confirmed the presence of this challenge. For Muhammad Mustafa, the gateway to hearing lay in cochlear implant surgery. Yet, financial constraints stood as a barrier, preventing his family from accessing this crucial treatment.

Muhammad Mustafa faced a world devoid of sound, hindering his communication and learning abilities. The financial limitations cast a shadow over his family, making the necessary surgery seem unattainable.

Amidst these challenges, Muhammad Mustafa’s case reached Transparent Hands. Through the kindness of donors, a glimmer of hope emerged for Muhammad Mustafa. This support enabled him to undergo the life-changing cochlear implant surgery at Ali Medical Complex, Islamabad, on 6 October 2023. Dr. Jawwad Ahmed adeptly performed the surgery, installing the internal component. His discharge the following day marked the commencement of his journey towards hearing restoration.

Muhammad Mustafa embarked on a transformative journey towards sound. The scheduled installation of the external implant in six weeks, combined with planned speech therapy sessions, aimed to gradually reintroduce him to the world of sound and language.

Guided by Dr. Jawwad Ahmed’s expertise and the promise of an external implant along with subsequent speech therapy, Muhammad Mustafa stands on the brink of rediscovering the joy of sound. The financial accessibility of this life-altering surgery, made possible by the generosity of donors, signifies a pivotal moment in Muhammad Mustafa’s life—a step towards embracing a world filled with the richness of sound, fostering newfound avenues for connection, communication, and learning.

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