You Helped Ishfa Unlock the World of Sound

You Helped Ishfa Unlock the World of Sound


Ishfa Batool's Story

Ishfa, a five-year-old girl from Dera Ghazi Khan, had been dealing with congenital sensorineural hearing loss since birth. Concerned when she showed no response to their voices at the age of one, her parents sought medical assistance. After undergoing various tests at a local hospital, Ishfa was diagnosed with sensorineural deafness, a condition that affects the inner ear and the auditory nerve.

The doctor recommended cochlear implant surgery as the appropriate treatment option to improve her hearing abilities and enhance her quality of life. However, Ishfa’s father could not afford the surgical expenses, leaving her parents feeling helpless. In their search for assistance, they learned about Transparent Hands and reached out for help.

Ishfa was admitted to Ali Medical Centre, Islamabad, where Dr. Jawad skillfully performed the cochlear implant surgery on 21-08-2023. With precision and expertise, the doctor successfully implanted the internal component of the cochlear implant. This marked a significant milestone as Ishfa’s hearing ability was successfully restored.

After just one day in the hospital, Ishfa was discharged. Over the following weeks, the external component of the cochlear implant was also fixed, completing the implantation process. Additionally, Ishfa underwent a series of speech therapy sessions to develop her language and communication skills. With the dedicated support of a speech therapist, Ishfa found herself capable of responding to her parents’ voices.

This transformational journey was made possible by the generous contributions from donors who supported Ishfa’s surgery. Their kindness and compassion gave her the priceless gift of hearing, setting off a chain of positivity that will beautifully shape her future.

Ishfa’s success story highlights the importance of medical interventions and the power of collective support in changing lives. With her newfound ability to hear, Ishfa can now embrace a world full of sounds, words, and endless possibilities, allowing her to thrive and reach her full potential.


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