You Helped Safia get back on her feet

You Helped Safia get back on her feet

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Safia Bashir 's Story

Safia Bashir, a 43-year-old resident of Kasur, got a fatal wound on her left leg, which turned into a tumor over time. The doctors tried their best to save her leg but could not. Unfortunately, they had to amputate her left leg above the knee. She needed a left prosthetic leg to walk again. But because of her limited resources, she was unable to pay for it. She reached out to Transparent Hands, and we registered her case. Under the supervision of Dr. Khalid at Hope Rehabilitation Centre, her above-knee prosthesis was installed on 15-05-2023. After getting an artificial leg, she was overjoyed to be able to walk again.

A prosthetic leg made a world of difference for Safia, a single mother with no means of support. This life-changing device granted her the freedom and mobility she had longed for. She overcame her fear of walking independently, which boosted her confidence and made it easier for her to participate in day-to-day activities without difficulty. She was a single mother, so being able to walk again meant that she could tend to her daily responsibilities and take care of her child with a newfound sense of strength.

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Safia found the emotional and psychological healing she needed in addition to the physical mobility that the prosthetic limb provided. This enabled her to take on the challenges that life presented her with confidence. With this vital assistance, she gained a renewed sense of self-worth and independence, allowing her to embrace life with optimism and hope. Safia felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the donors whose generosity made this transformation possible. Their assistance restored not only her ability to walk but also her faith in the compassion and generosity of humanity. Safia would be able to start over, feeling relieved and empowered by this new opportunity.


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