You Helped Tariq to Walk Again

You Helped Tariq to Walk Again

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Tariq, a  48-year-old resident of Faisalabad faced immense challenges due to his uncontrolled diabetes. In 2016, he lost his right leg to gangrene, and in 2020, due to the same condition, his left leg had to be amputated as well. The doctor recommended bilateral below-knee prostheses as a solution. With a glimmer of hope, Tariq turned to Transparent Hands, seeking assistance in his journey to regain mobility. After completing the necessary paperwork, Tariq’s case was registered, and Transparent Hands committed to providing him with both artificial legs.

Under the guidance of Dr. Khalid at Hope Rehabilitation Centre, Tariq underwent a life-changing transformation on 16-08-2023, as both below-knee prostheses were fixed. The joy he experienced upon being able to walk again with the help of his new artificial legs was immense. The once seemingly big obstacles in his daily life were now conquerable, granting him newfound freedom and independence.

The impact of regaining his mobility had a profound effect on Tariq’s life. The simple act of being able to walk again brought him immeasurable joy and a sense of accomplishment. No longer reliant on others for assistance, he could navigate his daily life with ease, restoring his self-worth and confidence. Tariq’s emotional healing was life-changing, empowering him to face his life’s challenges with renewed determination and strength. The prosthetic legs not only took care of his physical needs but also had a profound impact on his mental and emotional well-being.

Tariq is overwhelmed with gratitude for the generous donors who made his life easy. Their support has left him searching for the right words to express his appreciation. Their kindness and assistance not only helped him regain his mobility but also allowed him to find work and attain financial independence once more. 


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