You Saved Irfan Ullah’s Heart

You Saved Irfan Ullah’s Heart

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Irfan Ullah's Story

Four-year-old Irfan Ullah, a resident of Malakand, has faced a challenging battle with heart issues from the moment he was born. Symptoms such as shortness of breath, cyanosis, and chest pain have plagued his young life, hindering his physical growth and development. Devastated, his parents discovered his condition just one week after his birth and rushed him to a nearby hospital. There, a cardiologist confirmed the diagnosis of tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) and RVOTO (right ventricular outflow tract obstruction), revealing the severity of his condition and the urgent need for total correction.

However, Irfan’s father, who was already financially unstable, found himself unable to afford the costly cardiac surgery that could save his son’s life. In their time of desperation, Irfan’s case was registered with Transparent Hands, a beacon of hope for families in need.

With the unwavering support of compassionate donors, Irfan was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital, where Dr. Asim Khan performed the life-saving surgery on March 7, 2024. The procedure involved median sternotomy, VSD closure, and RVOTO resection, and Irfan was able to return home after five days of recovery.

The Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation and the selfless donors who rallied behind Irfan’s cause played a pivotal role in making this surgery possible. Their generous contributions not only transformed Irfan’s life but also brought immense gratitude to his entire family. The kindness shown by these donors has made an indelible impact on Irfan’s journey towards a healthier and happier future, free from the burdens he faced before.

Irfan and his family will forever hold a deep sense of appreciation for the collective acts of kindness that were extended to them during this challenging time. The selflessness and compassion displayed by the donors have reignited their faith in the inherent goodness of humanity.


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