You Supported Amna’s Restoration of Sound

You Supported Amna’s Restoration of Sound

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Amna Shahzadi's Story

Amna Shahzadi, 3 years old from Faisalabad steps out of silence into the realm of sound. Born into a world without the beauty of auditory sensation due to congenital hearing loss, Amna’s narrative unfolds from silence to the melody of hope, propelled by the support of generous benefactors and medical expertise.

Amna Shahzadi’s world was enshrouded in silence since birth, her young life touched by the presence of congenital hearing loss. In pursuit of a remedy, her family sought the prospect of cochlear implant surgery. EverCare Hospital provided the gateway to this life-altering surgery on 22 November 2023, skillfully conducted by Dr. Imran Saeed. The installation of an internal implant marked a pivotal juncture in Amna Shahzadi’s path toward hearing restoration. Following this, after six weeks, the installation of the external implant heralded the next phase of her journey towards embracing sound.

Amna Shahzadi’s brave expedition toward sound stands as a testament to resilience and medical advancement. The successful installations of both internal and external components, made possible by the magnanimity of supporters and Dr. Imran Saeed’s expertise, signify a turning point for Amna. The continuation of speech therapy sessions further guides her toward a world enriched with communication, learning, and the joyous experience of auditory sensations.


Donated: $ 5,370.38

 Evercare Foundation

Donated: $ 1,799.32


Donated: $ 1,520.83

 Nyla Decker

Donated: $ 500

 Ateyyah Jabbar

Donated: $ 224.01

 Nadir Tayyab

Donated: $ 160

 Madihullah Riaz

Donated: $ 150

 Zeban Faisal

Donated: $ 127.62


Donated: $ 100

 Zainah Usman

Donated: $ 98.15

 Sarah Qureshi

Donated: $ 90

 HEYAM ali

Donated: $ 50

 Fakhar Islam and Nusrat Fakhar

Donated: $ 48.51

 Faizan Qureshi

Donated: $ 48.51

 Nayyer Nadir

Donated: $ 40


Donated: $ 30


Donated: $ 26.16

 Anum S

Donated: $ 26

 Hasan Khan

Donated: $ 20

 Hira ali

Donated: $ 15

 Ayesha Khan

Donated: $ 13.23

 Shaheera Noor

Donated: $ 11.46

 Masood Feroz

Donated: $ 10.88

 TH EmergencyFund

Donated: $ 10.53

 Noman Ali

Donated: $ 10

 Farooq Irfan

Donated: $ 10


Donated: $ 10

 Mohammad Sarfraz

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Donated: $ 8

 Haseeb Mansoor

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 Qirsa Rasheed

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