You Supported Musfira Break the Chains of Silence

You Supported Musfira Break the Chains of Silence

Musfira Bibi's Story

Musfira, a 3-year-old resident of Matiari, was going through a big challenge in her life. Born into a world of muted sounds, her parents, vigilant and loving, noticed her lack of response to their voices early on. Their concern led them down the path of medical investigation, culminating in the revelation of congenital sensorineural hearing loss.

For Musfira, every day was a silent symphony until the light of hope dawned upon her family. Despite their meager income, they dared to dream of a world where their daughter could hear the whispers of life. Their beacon of hope emerged in the form of Transparent Hands.

With their support, Musfira underwent a life-altering journey at GIMS Hospital, Gambat, under the skilled hands of Dr. Maqbool. On the 11th of January 2024, her world expanded as the internal device of the cochlear implant was delicately fixed, illuminating a pathway to sound.

As she was discharged from the hospital after just one day, Musfira embarked on a new chapter of her life. In the weeks to come, the external implant will be affixed, weaving the fabric of sound into her existence. The journey doesn’t end there; it’s merely the overture to a symphony of speech therapies that will shape Musfira’s world.

Through the collective generosity of Transparent Hands and its donors, Musfira now stands on the threshold of a universe resplendent with sound. With each therapy session, she learns to orchestrate her thoughts into words, painting the canvas of her dreams with vibrant hues of expression.

To Transparent Hands and every donor who lent their support, Musfira’s family extends their deepest gratitude. In their hearts, they carry the echoes of kindness that transformed their daughter’s silent world into a musical tapestry of hope and possibility


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