You Supported Samina’s Right Cataract Surgery

You Supported Samina’s Right Cataract Surgery


Samina Bibi's Story

Samina, a 28-year-old resident of Multan, has been grappling with a debilitating cataract in her right eye. The condition has severely impaired her eyesight, causing immense difficulty for both herself and her parents. Unfortunately, the financial constraints faced by her family have made it impossible for them to afford the necessary treatment. Samina’s situation has become increasingly dire, with her impaired vision affecting her daily activities and overall well-being, as well as her ability to care for her young child.

Recognizing the urgency and significance of Samina’s need for treatment, Transparent Hands swiftly took up her case. Our mission is to alleviate her suffering and restore her vision, beginning with unwavering determination.

Samina’s journey towards healing led her to the renowned Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Teaching Hospital in Multan, where she was placed under the care of Dr. Sadaqat Ali, an esteemed ophthalmologist specializing in such conditions. On February 28, 2024, the day of the surgery, Dr. Sadaqat skillfully performed the delicate procedure, removing the faulty lens that had plagued Samina for far too long. In their place, intraocular lense was implanted, offering hope for the restoration of her vision to its full potential.

With the surgery completed, Samina embarked on the path to visual recovery. The dedicated hospital staff provided her with attentive post-operative care, ensuring her comfort and supporting her on the journey to a full recovery. Each passing day brought gradual improvements to Samina’s vision, gradually dispelling the darkness that had clouded her world.

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The donors who showed compassion not only granted her the precious gift of sight but also lifted the heavy burden that had weighed upon her and her family. With her vision restored, Samina can once again engage in daily activities with ease, care for her child, and pursue her dreams with renewed determination. Samina’s health journey shines as a beacon of hope.

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