Your Help has Restored Hearing Ability of Fatima

Your Help has Restored Hearing Ability of Fatima


Fatima Iqbal's Story

Fatima Iqbal, a vibrant eight-year-old residing in Bhakkar, has encountered a significant challenge in her young life. Over the past year, she has been grappling with post-lingual hearing loss. However, due to a lack of awareness about her condition, Fatima’s parents only recently discovered the true extent of her hearing impairment. Concerned for their beloved daughter’s well-being, they wasted no time in seeking medical advice to address the issue.

To their relief, the doctor they consulted offered a glimmer of hope: superpower computerized hearing aids that could potentially improve Fatima’s hearing and speech perception. Encouraged by this recommendation, Fatima’s family turned to Transparent Hands, seeking assistance for their daughter’s journey. Recognizing the urgency and significance of the situation, Transparent Hands readily stepped forward to support the young girl.

Fatima and her family made their way to Audio Medics,  Lahore, where they were met by Dr. Kiran, a compassionate and experienced professional. Under Dr. Kiran’s expert supervision, Fatima was fitted with super-power hearing aids, meticulously adjusted to her specific needs on 6-11-2023. The moment had arrived to activate the devices and witness the potential transformation in Fatima’s life.

As the hearing aids were activated, Fatima’s eyes widened with a mix of curiosity and anticipation. The once-muted world around her gradually came alive with sounds she had long missed. Laughter, music, and the everyday symphony of life filled her ears, bringing joy and wonder to her young heart. Fatima’s parents were overwhelmed with gratitude, knowing that this precious gift of hearing would pave the way for their daughter to fully engage with her loved ones. As Fatima continues her journey, armed with the gift of hearing, her world expands with endless possibilities. Her father, deeply thankful for Transparent Hands’ aid, acknowledges their generosity’s transformative impact on his daughter and their entire family.

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