Zafar Defeats Oral Cancer

Zafar Defeats Oral Cancer


Zafar Iqbal's Story

Zafar, a 70-year-old resident of Lahore, was diagnosed with cancer, a few months ago. He grappled with persistent pain and swelling in his right lower jaw, along with difficulty eating due to the spontaneous loss of his lower right molar. Concerned by his worsening condition, he sought medical attention, which led to an incisional biopsy performed on January 22, 2024. The results revealed that Zafar was suffering from alveolar carcinoma, known as squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity.

Upon learning of his diagnosis, the doctor advised him to undergo tumor excision/resection. However, the necessary surgical intervention was beyond his affordability. Recognizing the critical nature of his condition, Transparent Hands swiftly mobilized its resources and launched a campaign to raise funds for Zafar’s crucial surgery. The collective efforts of compassionate individuals and donors were instrumental in securing the necessary financial support.

Zafar was admitted to CMH Lahore, where Dr. Asad, a skilled surgeon, performed the much-needed operation on March 4, 2024. After one day of attentive care and monitoring, Zafar was discharged, showing positive signs of recovery.

The impact of the surgery was profound for Zafar. The tumor resection and neck dissection successfully addressed his oral cancer, offering him a chance at a healthier and cancer-free future. With the weight of financial constraints lifted, Zafar could focus on his recovery, knowing that he had the support and compassion of Transparent Hands and its generous donors. Their swift response and financial assistance not only made the surgeries possible.

The surgery brought significant relief to Zafar as it effectively eliminated the source of his pain and swelling. With the tumor removed, he could finally eat without difficulty, regaining his ability to enjoy meals. The next step in his treatment journey involved radiation therapy, which aimed to further ensure the eradication of any remaining cancer cells and enhance his chances of long-term recovery.

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