Zaheer’s Vesicle Stones were successfully removed

Zaheer’s Vesicle Stones were successfully removed

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Zaheer Ahmed's Story

Eight-year-old Zaheer, a resident of Tando Allahyar, Sindh, went to the local hospital for a check-up due to fever and pain during urination about two years ago. He was diagnosed with vesical and left renal stones. These stones are solid masses made of crystals and can cause extreme pain. Initially, the doctor administered a few injections and advised him to undergo a pyelolithotomy after a few months.

Within Zaheer’s family, hope and despair were in a constant state of conflict. The expense of the procedure loomed over them like an impassable mountain, threatening to take away their child’s opportunity for a pain-free life. It was then that Transparent Hands entered the scene. We helped his family find some semblance of hope in the midst of despair. Zaheer’s family sought help from Transparent Hands, guided by their unwavering determination to see their child free of suffering, and their plea was answered.

He was admitted to Isra Hospital in Hyderabad. At the time of the surgery, the surgeon decided to remove the symptomatic urinary bladder stones. Dr. Rajab performed a cystoscopy followed by cystolithotomy on 1-10-2022, a procedure to remove the symptomatic vesical stones.

After four days in the hospital, Zaheer was discharged, his condition stable, and his spirit uplifted. The once unbearable pain that haunted him every moment is now a distant memory, thanks to the generosity of the donors who supported his journey. Zaheer’s gratitude knew no bounds. He was overcome with gratitude for life and the kind-hearted people who had come together to lessen his suffering.

With a heart overflowing with thanks and deep appreciation for the donors who gave him comfort, he is moving forward toward a future free of pain. Hope and relief have taken the place of the agony that once ruled his world. Donate Online to help more deserving people like Zaheer. 

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