Zahid Hussain Underwent Open-Heart Surgery Successfully

Zahid Hussain Underwent Open-Heart Surgery Successfully

Zahid Hussain

Zahid Hussain's Story

Zahid Hussain, a 63-year-old resident of Sialkot, faced a daunting battle against Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD). His struggle with multiple episodes of chest pain led him to seek medical help, and he was admitted to a local hospital. It was there that a cardiologist delivered a grim diagnosis of Triple Vessel Coronary Artery Disease (TVCAD), revealing the severity of Zahid’s condition. His heart arteries were affected, leading to reduced blood flow and an increased risk of further heart attacks. The recommended course of action was coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), a complex open heart surgical procedure that would bypass the blocked arteries and restore proper blood flow to the heart. This surgery was crucial to prevent future heart attacks and improve Zahid’s quality of life. However, the financial burden associated with the procedure stood as a significant barrier to Zahid’s recovery.

In a moment of hope, Transparent Hands took up Zahid’s case and launched a fundraising campaign to cover the costs of his surgery. With the compassionate support of donors, the necessary funds were raised, and Zahid’s path to healing became a reality. He was admitted to the National Hospital and Medical Centre in Lahore, where Dr. Ahmed Shehbaz skillfully performed the CABG procedure on February 27, 2024. The surgery was a success, and after a six-day hospital stay, Zahid was discharged in satisfactory condition.

The impact of the donors’ kindness and compassion on Zahid and his family cannot be overstated. Their generous contributions not only granted Zahid a second chance at a healthy life but also reignited hope and restored faith in the hearts of his loved ones. The burden of financial constraints was lifted, allowing Zahid to receive the critical medical intervention he desperately needed. The gratitude expressed by Zahid Hussain and his family towards the compassionate donors is immeasurable. Their generosity has forever changed the lives of Zahid and his family, providing them with newfound optimism and the opportunity to embrace a healthier future.

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