Zareena Violet is slowly getting back on her feet

Zareena Violet is slowly getting back on her feet


Zareena Violet's Story

Zareena Violet, 61 years old, was previously diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her knee joints. Over a period of time, her joints got completely damaged. For the treatment of this condition, the doctor recommended a total knee replacement surgery for her right knee first since it was more painful. She was admitted in PSRD hospital and the surgery was performed by Dr. Saleem Bashir on 24.10.2020. Zareena was admitted in the hospital for ten days and was discharged in a stable condition. She is taking ample rest so that her knee heals completely and she can resume her day to day activities.

“I could not bend my knee before this surgery as it was extremely painful. But the doctor has told me that after my knee heals, I would be able to move without any difficulty. I might even be able to climb the stairs.”– Zareena Violet

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