Zayan’s Plastic Surgery was Successful

Zayan’s Plastic Surgery was Successful

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Zayan Abdul Raheem's Story

Three-year-old Zayan, a resident of Lahore, had a sad incident in a kitchen that burned his right hand. His parents took him to the nearby hospital for treatment in the emergency room. The doctors assessed the burn depth and treated the wound accordingly. After some time, his wounds healed, but post-burn web creeping developed between the spaces of his second, third, and fourth fingers. The doctor advised him to undergo the release of a web creeping between the spaces of the 2, 3, and 4th fingers. He was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital, where his operation was performed by Dr. Imran on 09-02-2023.

His surgery was successful and he was discharged from the hospital after two days of stay. Your donations have helped Zayan restore his hand’s functional drive and appearance. Help us provide free surgeries to deserving patients.

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