Zunaira Receives the Gift of Hearing

Zunaira Receives the Gift of Hearing


Zunaira Fareed's Story

Zunaira Fareed, a spirited 5-year-old hailing from Bhimber, Azad Kashmir, has faced a profound challenge in her young life. Since birth, she has been unable to hear and respond to the sounds that fill our world. Recently, her parents brought her to a local hospital, where their fears were confirmed: Zunaira was living with hearing impairment. The doctor recommended the use of super-power computerized hearing aids, which had the potential to improve her hearing and speech perception. However, the financial burden of acquiring the hearing aids seemed insurmountable for her family.

Despite the overwhelming financial constraints, Zunaira’s parents were determined to provide their daughter with the necessary support to enhance her quality of life. They recognized the transformative impact that hearing aids could have on Zunaira’s ability to communicate and interact with the world around her. With hope in their hearts, they reached out to Transparent Hands, seeking assistance for their beloved daughter. Transparent Hands, understanding the significance of their plea, readily stepped forward to support Zunaira in her journey.

On November 6, 2023, Zunaira and her family made their way to Audio Medics in Lahore, where they were greeted by Dr. Kiran, a compassionate and skilled professional. Under Dr. Kiran’s expert guidance, Zunaira was fitted with super-power hearing aids, meticulously adjusted to her unique needs. The long-awaited moment arrived to activate the devices and witness the potential transformation in Zunaira’s life.

As the external hearing aids were activated, a mixture of wonder and joy filled Zunaira’s eyes. The once-silent world around her gradually came alive with sounds previously unknown to her. The laughter of loved ones, the chirping of birds, and the melodies of everyday life now reached her ears, bringing immeasurable happiness and a newfound sense of connection. Zunaira’s parents were overwhelmed with gratitude, knowing that their daughter’s world had been forever changed.

Zunaira’s journey to hearing was made possible by the unwavering support of Transparent Hands and all donors.

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