Support Patients from Low Income Families This Christmas

Support Patients from Low Income Families This Christmas

Support Patients from Low Income Families This Christmas

Why not consider the idea of supporting patients from low-income families this Christmas and be a better human being?

Every year, as the Christmas approaches, the families in all parts of the world gather to celebrate the occasion with decorations and other festive arrangements and exchange gifts as well. In all these times what we forget the most is the fact that there are many other people in the society that are in need of our attention. There are many families around us that do not have enough food on their table or enough clothing on their body to keep them warm.

7 Easy Ways to support low income families this Christmas

1 – Online Donation

Donations are the best way to approach and help these people and share the blessing with them. They can help you to know about the needs of low-income families and their prerequisites. For instance, the Transparent Hand is non-profit organizations that help the low-income families in Christmas and all around the year. This organization helps the poor people of Pakistan by conducting their surgeries free of cost.

A simple way to Donate Transparent Hands by using Fonepay

2 – Sharing your Toys

Kids always love to have new toys and when they have one, you must teach them to give their old toys to other kids. This will teach your kids about how fortunate they are to have all the blessings in their life and also teach them to help others and share these blessing with others around us. At the same time you can give away your old clothing, shoes and bags etc. to the needy people.

Christmas holidays give you time to clean out all the old stuff including books, clothes and toys etc. at your home and donating them to kids in the children shelters or to any local library etc.

3 – Homemade Treat with a Kind Note

We have a number of people around us who are working on making our life easier every day.  Nothing can be more empathetic than giving back to these people. You can leave a homemade meal for the mailbox man, in your mail box.  This can be the best way to say thanks to the services these men and women provide us, every single day, without considering the weather conditions, traffic jams or else. This Christmas is the right time to let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.

4 – Spending Time with Elders

Elders in every society are the most respectable and precious entities. They spend all their life struggling and working their best to give us all that we can ever imagine of. Now when they can merely walk on their own, we must have some time for them and show our love and affection for them. This Christmas give a helping hand to any elder person, in your home as well as in the neighbors to do their Christmas decoration, for their shopping, their yard maintenance or others. You can also spend some time with them and give them a company while listening to them. This simple act mean much to them, you can never imagine of.

5 – The Dollar Store Angel

At many places, mostly in America and UK, there are dollar stores. You can leave some amount in the store that will be taken by the single mother or a kid with no dad, and willing to buy a toy.  Even one dollar will be enough for such an act. It might sound nothing to you but remember even one dollar will make a huge difference to a number of people out there.

6 – Children in Hospital

Kids in hospice care or in the hospitals are facing tough times of their life. If you will carry small gifts for them with some really cheap items in and deliver them to the kids in the hospitals, it will have a huge impact on their lives.

7 – Being Kind to People

Like or not you must have to be kind to the people around you. Remembers our kid or the kids around us are always watching us and will copy us later on. Be kind to the people whom you don’t like for any reason and give a better example to the kids.

Below we have mentioned top 4 resources that offer Christmas help to low-income families in Pakistan and around the world. These organizations are working impressively and helped a number of people during the holiday.

List of Organizations who are supporting low income families this Christmas

Transparent Hands

It is a non-profit organization registered in the US and performing its operations in Pakistan. It helps the poor people of Pakistan by dealing with their surgeries and overcome the medical challenges to live a better life. It is performing its operation with the help of international donations and charity campaigns.

Make a Wish Foundation:

It is one of the most important charitable foundations and is most appreciated because of the grants that they offer to the Christmas wishes of the kids. They also offer grants and wishes for the kids throughout the year.  They prominently work for the kids who are facing any kind of life threatening medical disorder from the age 2.5 to 18 years of age.

If you know any kid who is suffering from a disease it is better to encourage them to look for a medical assistance, specifically if they belong to a poor family. The foundation will surely try to make the donation of these kids as the best one forever. Support us in saving the lives of poor people with Christmas donations and Thanksgiving donations.

The Salvation Army:

It is also an important part of the list and is a blessing for the poor families. Charities make it easy for the donors and the receivers to share the blessings. Salvation Army is seen paying too much attention to the collection of funds and a fast distribution it to the needy people. They come up with special efforts on the holidays like Christmas. When you are in the UK, on occasions like Christmas you will find them the most active, at the departmental stores and other public locations. If you are not able to meet the medical expenses of your kids or any member of the family and you need a miracle, you can consult the Salvation Army and they will do well.

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