Surprising causes of Depression

Surprising causes of Depression

Depression is a medical condition which affects the way a person acts, feels or thinks. It often makes a person feel extremely sad, angry, disheartened and even unimportant. Depression also affects their daily activities; eating, working and sleeping. There are many reasons that can trigger depression such as trauma due to any uncertain incident, drug use, serious illness and others. Apart from these major causes of depression, there are some other surprising reasons that could trigger it.

Some major causes of depression:

  • Not having enough sleep

Sleep deprivation can be a major cause of depression. Not sleeping enough can affect your health in a negative way and causes your brain to stop function properly. It can put you in bad mood for the whole day and also messes up other activities including eating and working. Having a six to seven hours of sleep compared to four hours can really trigger your mood in a long run.

  • Excessive use of Facebook

We can’t deny the fact that many of us spend too much time using Facebook. There was a time where people used to get online to interact with friends and families. But the story is quite different today.  These days, people not only stalk others and what’s happening in their lives but also compare themselves to others which lead to moderate to severe depression, particularly in teenage people.

  • Place of Living

Many people prefer living in the city while others want to live in places far away from busy city life. Researches have shown that living in a specific place can greatly trigger your mood. Cities are packed with people and lots of activities that keep you busier. It also makes you feel detached and isolated. Where on the other hand, living in rural regions or countryside can actually make you feel peaceful inside out.

  • Changing weather

Some people tend to feel sad or hopeless in winter season and fall into depression. On the other hand, there are many who don’t feel energetic and lively in the summer season. The hormone level changes and makes it difficult for a person to adjust to the new weather. People don’t realize the causes and start having serious mood disorder leading to depression.

  • Medications

There are many medications which cause depression for example insomnia medicine; it can lead to excessive sleeping due to which a person feels dizzy and lazy all day and show mood swings. It is recommended to know the side effects when you are prescribed a new medicine and if anything concerns you, must check it with your doctor.

If you feel any of the signs of depression, you should consult your doctor as soon as you can to avoid further consequences. Depression is not a small issue and cannot be ignored no matter what is causing it.

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