Ten Things You Should Do in the Christmas Holidays

Ten Things You Should Do in the Christmas Holidays

things to do in christmas holidays


Christmas holidays are best described as the cool-off period. This is a break that one desperately needs after working hard all year. Since moments of recreation are rare in this rather hustled lifestyle that we have become accustomed to, people plan for the Christmas holidays in advance. We are sure that’s not news to you, but some of us are trapped by boredom during the Christmas holidays. What you are going to read in this discussion is a product of a tremendous bit of brainstorming. Have a look at these top ten ideas that you can try during this year’s Christmas holidays. See if these activities make your time any more fun! 

1- Wake up that artist in you!

Did you ever think about sketching a cool portrait but never sketched it actually because of your packed schedule? Have you ever picked clay, mixed it with water but then had to rush for an errand? Well, now is your chance to materialize all those artistic dreams that you had once. Grab a paintbrush during the upcoming Christmas holidays! 

2-Try an indoor sport

Before we go ahead and mention a few indoor sports, please note that jogging is not a sport. Now, if you are tired of running every morning, we suggest that you take a break. Instead, try some indoor sports these Christmas holidays. It could be swimming, ping pong or pool, the game doesn’t matter but tasting such activities does! 

3-Read/write a book

We know it sounds a little boring but reading or writing is a great way of passing time. It is a great way of learning something new and is quite fun once you find the right sort of addiction! 


COVID-19 had people trapped insides for at least six months during 2020. We are thinking that going on a hike would be a perfect way to break the monotony, what do you think? And what better time to go on a hike than the Christmas holidays? 


This is something that teens would love to do. Multiplayer online games are a great time slayer. If you haven’t ever tried gaming, how about installing a few games on that fancy looking smartphone of yours. We must warn you that some of the games are too addictive! 

6-Organize rooms

Rooms are a bit of imagination on our part, tidying up just your room will knock you out. There are years of crap hidden under your beds that you have forgotten about. Use these Christmas holidays to tidy up your room but don’t spend all of your leisure time cleanings! 

7- Familia ante Omnia

Work, business, or college consume most of the hours out of 24 allocated per day. Hence, spending time with family is becoming harder and harder with every passing day. Now Christmas holidays are a perfect way of catching up with your family. So make sure that you do create some moments with your family during this free time.


With the hectic everyday routine, finding time for social activities is quite hard. But if an opportunity for social work comes up during your Christmas holidays, do avail it.

9- Find a new interest in life

We are leaving this to your creativity and imagination, but how about visiting that museum that you have always wanted to visit? Or studying paintings made by famous artists?

10- Charity

No bigger happiness or satisfaction exists than helping someone who needs our help. In tough times like these, helping someone in any manner possible. Charity doesn’t have to be financial all the time. There are so many ways in which you can help someone. But if you want to donate money, you can use online donation platforms like Transparent Hands.

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We wish we could mention a few more fun things in this discussion, but the limitations of time and space force us to wrap up things here (we need a break too!). But we bid you farewell on an optimistic note that this year, your Christmas holidays will be nothing but fun and games!  

Charity For Christmas 

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