The List of Top 10 Donor-Advised Funds in the USA

The List of Top 10 Donor-Advised Funds in the USA

donor-advised funds in the USA

Donor-advised funds are a powerful tool for individuals and families to make an enduring impact through charity in today’s world of suffering and despair. Donors can pool their money into a single account, watch it grow over time, and then use it to support a wide range of causes. Among the vast range of choices available, we present to you the top 10 donor-advised funds in the USA, each playing a vital role in empowering humanity and driving positive change.

1. Fidelity Charitable 

Fidelity Charitable tops the list of DAFs. It enables donors to maximize the impact of their charitable giving by providing a robust platform and comprehensive support services. Individuals and families find it simpler to integrate their philanthropic objectives with their financial strategy by using their user-friendly interface and investment options.

2. Schwab Charitable

Charles Schwab, a renowned financial institution, supports Schwab Charitable, one of the top 10 donor-advised funds. Schwab Charitable offers a range of investment options and personalized guidance to help donors achieve their philanthropic vision. They are well-liked by philanthropists due to their dedication to donor satisfaction and ample resources.

3. Vanguard Charitable 

Vanguard Charitable stands out as one of the best DAFs because of its effective and affordable method of handling donor-advised funds. Vanguard Charitable offers donors a wide variety of investment options and a straightforward giving experience as an extension of Vanguard, a reputable leader in the investment sector. Their commitment to transparency and accessibility has earned them donors’ trust and loyalty.

4. National Philanthropic Trust 

With a focus on flexibility and impact, the National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) has established itself as one of the best donor-advised funds. Customized charitable solutions, grant management, and legacy planning are just a few of the philanthropic services provided by NPT. They stand out for their dedication to fostering philanthropy and empowering donors.

5. American Endowment Foundation 

The mission of the American Endowment Foundation (AEF) is to facilitate significant giving opportunities. It offers donors individualized assistance and a variety of investment opportunities to assist them in efficiently achieving their charitable objectives. Their emphasis on collaboration and the strength of collective action fosters a community of knowledgeable and active philanthropists. 

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6. Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

The Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund is considered one of the top 10 donor-advised funds. It focuses on social impact while combining the knowledge of a reputable financial institution. Their donor-advised fund services help people coordinate their charitable goals with their financial plans. Donors can have a greater impact by using these funds for strategic partnerships and novel approaches.

7. Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) acts as a catalyst for philanthropy in the global technology capital. The Silicon Valley Community Foundation offers donor-advised funds that support a variety of causes, including education, health, and environmental initiatives. Their dedication to fostering collaboration and addressing pressing societal issues has garnered them global recognition and financial support from donors.

8. TIAA Charitable 

TIAA Charitable combines financial expertise with a desire to improve the world. TIAA Charitable donor-advised fund services allow for individualized charitable giving plans and impact investing opportunities for donors. Their emphasis on supporting education and research initiatives is consistent with their mission to promote lasting positive change.

9. Greater Kansas City Community Foundation 

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (GKCCF) is a pioneer in charitable giving that equips donors to make an indelible mark in their local community. Donor-advised funds are available from GKCCF to help a variety of organizations in the areas of health, arts and culture, and education. The importance they place on having a regional impact and working together to make a donation

10. Give2Asia

Give2Asia is one of the best donor-advised funds in the USA that facilitates global philanthropy. Give2Asia is an online platform that matches donors with reputable nonprofits and projects across Asia that are working to solve pressing social, environmental, and economic problems. Donors are able to make a real impact in areas like education, healthcare, disaster relief, and environmental conservation through Give2Asia’s individualized support, thorough due diligence, and detailed reporting, all of which contribute to the region’s growth and progress.


These donor-advised funds in the USA give people the opportunity to support causes that are dear to them while utilizing the skills of seasoned professionals and technology. By utilizing these top 10 donor-advised funds, donors can make a lasting difference and contribute to positive social change.

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