Top 10 Humanitarian Organizations in Pakistan

Top 10 Humanitarian Organizations in Pakistan

Humanitarian Organizations in Pakistan


Einstein said, “We cannot despair of humanity since we ourselves are human beings”. The nature of human rights can vary, and their diversification is a topic that is too vast to be covered in this discussion. What is satisfying to know is that several organizations are trying to protect these rights of the common man. In this discussion, it is these humanitarian organizations that we are going to talk about, with a special reference to Pakistan. Pakistan is a third world country, where there are several human rights issues prevalent, the most important ones of which are of course lack of education, non-provision of food and scarcity of basic medical amenities. Here, in the upcoming passages, we are going to talk about the top 10 humanitarian organizations in Pakistan that are working tirelessly to maintain the global standards of human rights in the country.

1- Transparent Hands

Provision of basic medical facilities, free of cost to every citizen of the state, is not a dream coming true any sooner in Pakistan. In such a deplorable state of affairs in the healthcare sector of the country, it is platforms like Transparent Hands that give us real hope. One of the biggest crowdfunding platforms working for the provision of free medical services in Pakistan, Transparent Hands provides visibility to underprivileged patients. The NGO also builds a personal and trusted bond between patients and donors while ensuring complete transparency. It also sets up free medical camps in the rural areas of Pakistan in which, free medical consultation, free medicines, and free diagnostic tests are provided to the deserving patients.

2- Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation will be first to enter the hall of fame, whenever humanitarian welfare work is mentioned with Pakistan as context. Edhi foundation started from a small base, yet it has expanded its area of services to the entire country. The ambulance service is one of the biggest in the world and reaches anyone who needs the services with amazing efficiency. Top-notch humanitarian work puts the Edhi foundation at the very top in the list of humanitarian organizations in Pakistan.

3- Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital

Cancer treatment costs so much in most of the cases that a patient thinks twice about its worth before initiating one. However, many have been treated and cured completely of this curse, thanks to Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.

4- Chippa Welfare Association

A Karachi based welfare organization, Chippa’s range of services is not a very dissimilar one from the Edhi foundation. The association takes care of those needing help in an emergency, provides for the hungry, and believes firmly in empowerment.

5-Shahid Afridi Foundation

He was known as Boom-Boom when he used to play cricket, his organization has entered with a bang in the field of humanitarian work. Yes, we are all praises about Shahid Afridi’s Shahid Afridi Foundation. Hope not out, as they say!

6- Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation

For children suffering from heart diseases and ailments of various sorts, Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation strives hard, around the clock.

7- Save the Children

You couldn’t be more wrong if you think children’s rights aren’t an important element of humanitarian rights. Many organizations fight for children’s rights, one such humanitarian organization is Save the Children. 

8- The Citizens Foundation

Education is one of the biggest issues in the country. And the reasons for illiteracy are multiple. The Citizen Foundation firmly believes that despite all the hurdles, the youth in Pakistan must be provided with opportunities that help them in learning all the tricks and trades of the modern world.

9- Agha Khan Foundation

This is a foundation that champions humanitarian rights, just not in Pakistan, but in other countries of the world as well. The main focus, however, is on the development of rural areas in the country. Several support projects of sustainable nature have been launched in this regard.

10- Ansar Burney Trust International

Over the last few years, the Ansar Burney Trust Foundation has been in the news for its social and humanitarian work of excellent quality. We hope that the foundation continues to champion the rights of oppressed as it always has in the future as well.


There are so many other humanitarian organizations working in the country that deserved a mention in this discussion. Unfortunately, the limitations of time and space force us to conclude this discussion here. We hope that this article helped you learn something, if not everything, about top humanitarian organizations in Pakistan.

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