Top 15 Humanitarian Organizations in Asia

Top 15 Humanitarian Organizations in Asia

Humanitarian Organizations in Asia


The United Nations Charter, declared way back in the 1940s, that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and right. They should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. UN was formed in wake of the Second World War, and human rights needed to be protected better than ever, for a more hopeful future. While governments all around the world put in some effort for the protection of basic human rights, the dream is seen in 1945 remains a dream. In this discussion, we are going to talk about the organizations that have played a significant role in social and welfare work in Asia. For this purpose, we have selected the top 15 humanitarian organizations in Asia. Without further ado, let us highlight the good work of these guardians of humanity!

1- Transparent Hands

Crowdfunding is a super-easy way of raising funds and calling out for society’s help to help those who need financial assistance in their life. Transparent Hands is an NGO that collects donations for helping the underprivileged ones with their medical treatments and surgeries. Maximum transparency in its affairs makes Transparent Hands one of the most trustworthy crowdfunding organizations in the country. Donations are collected via the organization’s web portal.


ARROW is a Malaysian institute that believes in a world where the rights of women are just as protected as men’s rights. The humanitarian organizations in Asia majorly focuses on women’s reproductive health and dissemination of knowledge about sexual health as well.


Building Resources across Communities (BRAC), is one of the biggest developmental organizations working in Bangladesh. A range of issues from micro financing to disaster management is managed by BRAC. The organization is fighting for human rights in 11 other countries as well.

4- Dubai Cares

This NGO believes that education must be accessible for every child in the UAE. Apart from providing resources for quality education, Dubai Cares also provides nutritious food to children in schools. The provision of food is also an important humanitarian right after all.

5-ECPAT International

An alarming number of cases have been reported which describe the sexual exploitation of children all around the world. EPCAT, a Thailand based network of civil society organizations vows to put an end to this horrific business.

6- Educate Girls

Education for girls remains a major problem in Asia despite the monumental efforts made at the governmental and non-governmental levels. Educate Girls is chipping in with their efforts in India, a country that needs a desperate turn of events in the education sector for girls.

7-HelpAge Asia Pacific

Often, the rights of senior citizens in Asian countries are subject to exploitation. HelpAge Asia Pacific strives hard to reclaim these rights for the senior citizens in Thailand.

8- Nepal Youth Foundation

This particular NGO believes in empowering orphans with education and vocational training. It also fights slavery of girls, a culture still prevalent in the country.

9- Slum Soccer

Recreational activities are a fundamental right of youth, Slum Soccer provides sporting opportunities to the underprivileged youth in India.

10- Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation is one of the biggest NGOs in the world, and probably the biggest welfare set up in Pakistan. Some historic work is on the credit of this amazing humanitarian organization, including the world’s biggest free ambulance service.

11- Soros Foundation Kazakhstan (SFK)

What kind of society is unaware of their civil rights? It cannot be called anything but a bunch of people. SFK believes in this philosophy and focuses on the promotion of democracy and journalist ethics.

 12- Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children

The concept of mobile education is becoming widely popular, and in Afghanistan, it is this particular organization that is doing this noble job.

13- Friends of the Earth- Japan

In a broader context, climate change and deforestation are linked with a future for humans. Negligence to this issue might lead to improper allocation of resources, which is nothing but a terrible violation of humanitarian rights. Friends of the Earth wants you to understand this as soon as you can!

14- One Sky

The work of One Sky in Hong Kong, for the children whose parents force them to work, is praiseworthy, to say the least. The NGO believes in programming financial assistance to such economically challenged children.

15- Shahid Afridi Foundation

This is a foundation that is catching the limelight due to its outstanding work during the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan. Apart from the pandemic, the foundation does an excellent bit of social and welfare work in several other fields as well.

The conclusion from humanitarian organizations in Asia

Well, that will be all for now. We hope that this article served as, an insight for you, into the social humanitarian work done in different Asian countries. We wish we could talk about a few other organizations but the limitations of time and space force us to conclude this discussion here. Till another such reading, chip chop! 

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