Top 15 Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

Top 15 Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

Top 15 Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

Welfare is a term; we quite often listen in our daily life. In the most general context, all we know about welfare is that it is something that is a noble deed and we must try to be a part of welfare work. There are very few of us who know the actual meaning of what a welfare organization is how it works. The discussion on this blog will help you have an insight into the working and help you generate understanding about the issue. Top 15 Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

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Social Welfare- The Definition:

According to Dolgoff, R. &D.Feldstein social welfare includes activities of a non-profit that aim to alleviate the poverty and distress of casualties in any society.  In other words, a social welfare deals with social interventions that are targeted to enhance the social life of human beings.

The term social welfare symbolize the entire range of well planned activities of governmental or voluntary organizations that are focused on preventing, contributing or alleviating to a solution for prominent social issues. The main aim is to enhance the life standards of individuals, communities or groups.

Social Welfare- The Nature:

Social welfare is one of the five systems of social services in the contemporary industrial societies. In the broader sense, it comprises of following social services; health & medical, maintenance of income, education and personal well-being. While in the narrow sense, it can be termed as “personal welfare.”

Social welfare is a result of the modern life and the highly industrial societies. It substitutes of the functions of an extended family system and provides developmental, affection, rehabilitative and socialization needs of humans. It also facilitates the development of human resource, economic growth and consumer and producer resources for a society.

Top 15 Welfare Organizations in Pakistan:

Just like any other country of the world, many welfare organizations in Pakistan are working their best to serve the needy in the society. Some of the most appreciated welfare organizations in Pakistan are;

  1. Transparenthands Trust
  2. Aman Foundation
  3. Shahid Afridi Foundation
  4. Green Crescent Foundation
  5. Saylani Welfare International Trust
  6. Bilqees Sarwar Foundation
  7. Agha Khan Rural Support Program
  8. Idonate Foundation
  9. Edhi Foundation
  13. Ansar Burney Trust International
  14. Darul Sakun
  15. Saylani Welfare International Trust

The level of Functions:

There are four major levels of social welfare. All the above mentioned and skipped social welfare organizations work on these four major levels to attain their goals successfully.

The Remedial: This level deals with the removal of disabling circumstances and repossession of normal working style. This level focus on the; under-privileged sector, needy groups, ad hoc basis, emergency relief, remedy hardships, ease abnormalities and others.

The Preventive Level: It deals with the early working for any abnormal condition by creating new situations and dealing with the removal of the core reasons of the problem through researcher and professional analysis that might also deal with an effective prevention from the issue.

The Developmental Level:  It focuses on the improvement of the situation and development of an individual or a society with a proper constructive plan and social investment. It also deals with social awareness about the problem and development of new potential capacities.

The Supportive Level: This level works on achieving aims of other social sectors and works for mutual benefits for a variety of services including; supportive services, supporting community, training and education, working on social policies and economy etc.

Social Welfare- The Characteristics of Programs:

The most prominent characteristics of programs of these social welfare organizations include;

  • Serving the community interest that is derived from the needs of the community and that of the services that are designed specifically for these needs
  • The value based characteristics deal with the human rights, social justice, responsibilities of a citizen, equity, stability etc.
  • The accessibility for all citizens in regard to the delivery system, etc.
  • Accountability to the public with effective social and public administration and professional code of working.  

With all such details, you can simply  come to know all about the welfare organizations in Pakistan and with all that is must for you to have in your mind while you are planning to invest or be a part of these non-profit organizations.


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