Top 3 Charities for Pediatric Open Heart Surgeries

Top 3 Charities for Pediatric Open Heart Surgeries

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It is most painful to see the tiny hearts suffer because of either their broken heart or the simple fact that they have to live with a faulty pumping organ. Kids die every year, simply because they could not get an open-heart surgery, which could have helped save a life. The numbers are too tragic to be discussed here, but they are enough to send shivers down your spine. There are many charities and organizations, which realize the gravity of this situation. These charities for pediatric surgeries are trying their best to help the kids who suffer from heart troubles, get them all the required health care facilities. In this discussion, we look at such top three charities and organizations, which offer pediatric open-heart surgeries, free of heart. It would be interesting to know about these angels of society! 

International Children’s Heart Foundation

Did you know that about one percent of the newborns in the world suffer from a heart disorder? While these heart disorders are life threatening, their effect can be impeded by doing minor or major surgeries when they are needed. The International Children’s Heart Foundation realizes the severity of this issue; hence, it has directed its efforts in the eradication of this problem. The foundation fights congenital heart defects on the behalf of those kids, who belong to the underprivileged class in the society. According to the numbers portrayed by the foundation’s website, it has helped more than 7000 kids with congenital heart defects that need surgery.

The challenge that this foundation faces is making sure that the sick kid has a doctor to look after him or her. There is no terrible fate than dying because of the lack of resources, or simply because there was no doctor available to save a life. The International Children’s Heart Foundation responds appropriately to rectify this situation. It conducts training programs for surgeons from different regions of the world so that they can help the suffering kids in their regions. The foundation also sends all the required surgical and medical provisions to the heart centers that deal with congenital heart surgeries, in various countries.

The Children’s Heart Foundation

This prestigious foundation was founded in the year 1996. It helps the kids who are suffering from heart diseases and need open-heart surgery, in a slightly different manner. The foundation believes that knowledge is power, and hence it funds those who are studying congenital heart disease in detail. The foundation is funding the research in congenital heart defects and diseases line. It helps those who are helping to find advanced solutions for CHD’s diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Hang on a minute. Are you thinking that research does not have an impact? That it is not contributing to saving the life of a kid who suffers from congenital heart defects? The foundation talks about the impact of its activities in detail, on its webpage. The summary of this is that the death rates have dropped significantly by 37.5 percent. Currently, the organization is focusing on finding less invasive treatments for the newly born who suffer from congenital heart diseases and need open-heart surgery anyways.

Surgeons of Hope

This nonprofit is based in New York City; it has been saving lives since 2001. The charities for pediatric surgeries focuses on saving the lives of those kids, who are born with a faulty pumping organ and need open-heart surgery to continue surviving. The organization believes in the philosophy of rejecting the disparity between sick kids. Why should a kid from any country other than the US or UK not get heart surgery? Is the lack of resources a justified reason for this tragedy? The organization does not believe in this explanation and struggles to help such kids who need medical assistance for the treatment of heart-related disorders.

How do the surgeons of hope achieve this? Well, they do so by providing care to those who need it on an immediate basis. The long-term plans of the organization are of course to train surgeons in different countries and develop centers for open-heart surgeries in these countries as well.


Well, that is all for now. We hope that this discussion helped broaden your perspective about the foundations that are working for child health, especially pediatric heart disorders, all around the world. You can help save a life by donating to these charities as well.

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