Top 5 Charities in the UK in 2020

Top 5 Charities in the UK in 2020

Top 5 Charities in the UK in 2020


As the governments collapse worldwide, the responsibility of taking care of each other has fallen on us, once more. Humanity faces a crisis, as it never did before. The coronavirus pandemic showed us that governments alone are nothing. They need their people’s backing and help to thrive. Compassion is the most crucial element in this whole debate. It defines humanity, the ability to feel for others. Here are the top 5 charities in the UK in 2020!

Folks, when we feel for others, we donate! If you are someone who has recently caught the giving bug, you need to know places where your money will be put to best use. In today’s discussion, we discuss some of the noblest UK charities!

1- Macmillan Cancer Support

Cancer can destroy you both physically and financially. As it spreads, the cost to stop tumor increases at an unprecedented rate. Current treatments are not something that everyone can afford. The upcoming treatments might be effective, but they are very costly as well. Consider CAR-T cell therapy for example. One CAR-T therapy for acute myeloid leukemia costs around $400000 currently. However, institutes like Macmillan Cancer Support, which give us hope. The organization serves to provide medical and financial aid to cancer patients. A thorough understanding of the disease is also disseminated among patients. Many people are relying on people like you to fight this evil malignancy, do help them!

2- St. John Ambulance

The novel coronavirus pandemic taught us an important lesson. It is very difficult for the government to reach all the people in the country. Private ambulance services will be able to come to your doorstep in a shorter time, as it was demonstrated in many cases. An alarming increase in road accidents was observed with the automobile revolution. It necessitated a service, which could reach the wounded in no time. That way many lives would be saved as many emergencies were handled on spot by able medical staff. The St. John Ambulance charity works with this philosophy in the heart. Volunteers working at St. John need every ounce of support they can get. It is one of the top UK charities; it deserves a donation from your wallet!   

3- British Heart Foundation

Many research institutes in the world concern themselves with the research on heart and various problems associated with it. The British Heart Foundation is one such research institute, which is the top 5 charities in the UK in 2020 unraveling some of the most obscure heart mysteries. Not only that, but the foundation has spread its area of research to other diseases like diabetes and dementia as well. If your donation helps in the discovery of a scientific marvel that saves millions of lives, well, nothing better than that!

4- Cancer Research UK

 Yet another cancer institute finds a place in our discussion. Cancer is a big problem in the UK, just like the rest of the world. Hence, more financial aids are needed than ever, to find a cure against this deadly disease. Cancer Research UK promises to find cures for different types of cancer. Their results have shown success, and we do not have any reason to doubt their credibility. Hence, Cancer Research UK finds a place in our top UK charities list.

5- Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is the biggest technological platform for crowdfunding. The major area it focusses on is the healthcare sector. Some of the healthcare services, which this platform provides, are quite astounding. These include medical, optical, and surgical camps. Diagnostic tests, medicine, and consultation are provided to the underprivileged, free of cost.

Donors from all over the world can use the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal and donate through 100% secure payment modes. They could select any patient, fund the treatment, and receive regular feedback and updates until the patient has recovered completely. Transactions made are subject to a strict level of scrutiny. The trust that this crowdfunding platform has won is primarily because of its high transparency standards.


Intentions matter the most. However, you must be aware of the ultimate destination of your charity money. Hence, it is most advisable to give donations to a charity that is well trusted among the masses. Apart from that, the cause it serves is also of importance. Most of UK charities are trusted worldwide, but there are frauds in every society. It is these organizations, which you need to be cautious of!

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