Top 5 Welfare Organizations from Australia

Top 5 Welfare Organizations from Australia

Medicine is definitely a glorious field advancing forward and making improvements everyday, in order to add a few more years to an average human life. Medicine was aimed to prevent and cure diseases, and to prolong human lives irrespective of the fact whether the patient is rich or poor. Top 5 Welfare Organizations Providing Free Medical Care to People in Need in Pakistan from Australia.

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Discrimination and injustice have become a common phenomenon in our society where the powerful suppresses the powerless because of their wealth, and the majority oppresses the minority on the basis of race, religion and the caste system.

Today we live in a world where basic necessities like food, shelter, healthcare and education are only accessible to the rich, while the poor and the needy are denied to be given their basic rights only because of their inability to pay cash for those essentials.

The poor and vulnerable population needs a strong voice to advocate on behalf of them and stand by them, against all inequality  and inhumane acts carried out to oppress them in every aspect of life.

Welfare organizations were formed to provide social security to the poor living without access to basic necessities. These organizations are also working to empower the powerless, giving them the strength to exercise their human rights and ask for what is just.

Basically welfare organizations working within the healthcare system, value human life and are trying to make medical care available to all for free. These organizations fund medical care for the poor patients so that they can access treatment, lab tests and surgeries without the need to beg before the hospitals to provide them healthcare services out of pity. These organizations raise money from the public to pay for the medical facilities of the poor, so that they do not have to compromise on their well being and health.

We often question the validity of making a donation to the welfare organizations, because we are dubious of the possibility of a change ever taking place in our society. We think why we should give?

We should give to rise above our narrow mindset by uplifting the ones who have been trailing behind us. We should give to open the way for receiving. We should give to make this world a little warm and just place to live in.

List of Top 5 Welfare Organizations Providing Free Medical Care

To People in Need In Australia

1-Transparent Hands

2-Care Australia

3-The Leprosy Mission

4-Save The Children Australia

5-Australian Himalayan Foundation

1 – Transparent Hands:

Committed to Provide Free Surgeries to Those Who Cannot Afford:

“Transparent Hands” is in first position, in our” List of Top 5 Welfare Organization Providing Free Medical Care to People in need in Australia”. Transparent Hands is a non-profit organization, which is tackling this major healthcare issue of Pakistan with the help of fundraising through its unique Crowdfunding platform. Transparent Hands conducts the surgeries of deserving patients free of cost at private hospitals, with the help of donations and charity. Donors from all over the world can use our online Crowdfunding web portal if they wish to donate. You can select any patient, fund the surgery and receive regular feedback and updates, until the patient is recovered completely.

Our user friendly online fundraising work as follows:

  • Choose the patient whose surgery you want to fund.
  • Choose from a number of payment methods as per your convenience.
  • Donate to that particular patient and get tax exemption.
  • Get regular updates of that patient until he/she gets fully recovered.

What makes us unique is; our transparency level that means donors will be ensured that each penny we are giving will be spent on the needy patient. We do this by uploading all the hospital bills and other documents of our patient, after his/her surgery is successfully conducted. Donor can see that the exact amount hospital has charged against the surgery of that particular patient.

Why Donate to Us?

  • You want to save the lives of people by donating for their surgical treatment.
  • You need complete transparency of where your donation/charity is going.

Donors can completely put their trust in us regarding their donations and charity. There are many people in Pakistan and all over the world, who wish to spend their money on trust organizations but we are unsure about to whom we should donate. In order to ensure complete transparency, Transparent Hands uploads all the documents with the patient’s success stories so the donors can see that their money is spent on a right cause.

Download our Transparenthands Andriod Application for Online Donation


2- Care Australia:

Who They Are:

“Care Australia” is in second position ,in our “List of Top 5 Welfare Organizations Providing Free Medical Care to People in need in Australia”. CARE Australia is a leading international aid organization, that works around the globe to save lives and defeat poverty. They know they cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

They put women and girls at the heart of their work. Their access to equal opportunities represents a powerful and effective opportunity to end extreme poverty. When one woman escapes poverty, she will bring four others with her.

For those living in extreme poverty, your support brings education and training, healthcare and clean water, nutritious food, and new ways to earn an income. And in times of crisis, you help us deliver emergency relief.

Throughout their site, their name ‘CARE’ is used to reflect their lifesaving work across the world. Their network includes 14 federation members working in over 95 countries. Please refer to their Annual Report for a more detailed list of the multiple programs CARE Australia directly manages.

CARE has been committed to helping the world’s most vulnerable people, since the first CARE packages were sent to the survivors of World War II in 1945. They seek to end extreme poverty for all who experience it. They provide assistance to those in poverty regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

They have learnt from their work across 95 countries that when inequality is tackled, long-term lasting change is possible. Their work, approach and goals are defined by the CARE Australia Strategy 2019+.

CARE is a leader within the global movement dedicated to ending poverty. They have become known through their 70 years of helping people for their unshakable commitment, to the dignity of all people.


CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.


They seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security.


They put women and girls in the center, because they know that they cannot overcome poverty and health issues until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

3-The Leprosy Mission:

“The Leprosy Mission” is in third position ,in our “List of Top 5 Welfare Organizations Providing Free Medical Care to People in need in Australia”. The Leprosy Mission is international Christian charity ,working towards the eradication of the causes and consequences of leprosy. It is active in over 50 countries around the world.

The Leprosy Mission is a member of ILEP (International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations) and Global Connections, a network of mission and development agencies.


In December 1869, Wellesley Bailey, a young Irishman who was working as a teacher , came across a row of huts, inhabited by men and women with serious disabilities and physical deformities. A colleague explained that they were suffering from leprosy. Bailey was shocked by what he saw. Afterwards he wrote:’I almost shuddered, yet I was at the same time fascinated, and I felt that if there was ever a Christlike work in the world it was to go amongst these poor sufferers and bring them the consolation of the gospel.

On returning to Ireland in 1874, Wellesley Bailey and his wife Alice began to hold meetings in Dublin, to tell friends about their experiences of people affected by leprosy, and to raise money. And so The Leprosy Mission, or The Mission to Lepers as it was known then, was born.

Where The Leprosy Mission works:

TLM is a global network; the organisation works with governments, communities, local churches, partner health organisations, WHO and other non-governmental organisations.

What The Leprosy Mission does:

  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Training and education
  • Disability care and prevention
  • Community development and income generation
  • Advocacy

4-Save the Children Australia:

“Save the Children Australia” is in fourth position, in our “List of Top 5 Welfare Organizations Providing Free Medical Care to People in need in Australia”. Save the Children Australia is an aid and development agency, dedicated to helping children in Australia and overseas. It is an independent, not-for-profit and secular organisation.

Save the Children Australia is a member of the Save the Children Association, a group of 30 organisations sharing a global vision and strategy for improving the lives of children worldwide.
Save the Children Australia, and the other members of the Save the Children Association, focus on responding to humanitarian emergencies, reducing infant and child mortality, protecting children from violence, and ensuring all children have access to a quality basic healthcare and education.
In 2014, Save the Children Australia responded to 18 humanitarian emergencies, and ran 149 projects that reached 12 million people in 29 countries.


  • Save the Children was founded in England by Eglantyne Jebb, a teacher and sociologist, in 1919. Known then as the International Save the Children Fund, the organisation’s first goal was to supply food to starving children in Austria immediately after World War I.
  • In 1951, the health and education of children in Australia became a priority, for Save the Children branches across the country. Welfare centers and pre-schools for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Victoria were among the first of its Australian programs.
  • In 2004, the branches started a process of consolidation to create a single, national organisation called Save the Children Australia.
  • On 20 May 2015, Save the Children Australia and Good Beginnings Australia announced their plans to merge.Good Beginnings Australia specializes in providing early intervention, and practical parenting programs for children and their families in disadvantaged communities. The merger came into force on 1 July 2015 ,and Good Beginning Australia’s programs are now part of Save the Children Australia.

Humanitarian emergencies:

A large part of Save the Children Australia’s work is responding to emergencies in Australia and overseas, providing humanitarian aid , water, food, shelter, temporary learning spaces and emotional support for children.

In 2014, Save the Children Australia responded to 18 humanitarian crises and reached 808,000 people.


Save the Children Australia runs development programs across Australia and overseas, with a particular focus on Asia and the Pacific.

The agency partners with local non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community-based organisations, local and national governments, and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to deliver projects in-country.

International programs:

In 2014, Save the Children Australia reached more than 12 million children and adults in 29 countries focusing on:

• Fighting inequality
• Helping children in emergencies
• Protecting children from harm
• Providing education
• Providing healthcare
• Tackling climate change
• Standing up for child rights
• Australian programs

In 2014, Save the Children Australia reached more than 34,000 Australian children and adults, in more than 150 sites across the country, focusing on:

• Helping children in emergencies
• Helping children learn
• Protecting children from harm


Save the Children fund-raises from the public through regular giving propositions, such as I Save the Children and Children in Crisis, as well as single appeal donations.

It also has a number of community fundraising initiatives such as Run to Save and fundraising in celebration.

In 2015, Save the Children Australia launched its inaugural Christmas in July fundraising campaign.


Their work tackles all the issues that affect children, including access to health and education, saving lives in a disaster, stopping climate change and protecting children from harm.

Where They Work:

They work around the world to protect children from abuse and neglect, provide access to healthcare and education and to assist children in times of emergency.

5- Australian Himalayan Foundation:

What They DO:

“Australian Himalayan Foundation” is in fifth position, in our “List of Top 5 Welfare Organizations Providing Free Medical Care to people in need in Australia”. They are working in partnership with the people of the remote Himalaya, to improve living standards through better education and training. They work with local communities, in a long term, sustainable way.

Where They Work:

The Australian Himalayan Foundation is committed, to improving the quality of life of those living in remote areas of the Himalaya. They are working in partnership with these communities to help the most disadvantaged, meet their needs through integrated improvements in education, health and the environment.

In order to improve the health standards of these communities, they focus their work on these key areas:

  • Nurses for Nepal:

In the remote lower Solukhumbu or Everest region health services are extremely basic. This program equips local health posts that are desperately lacking, in support with both medical supplies and equipment and also trained health workers. Local health care workers are trained in primary, maternal and child health-care and emergency medical care. The project also provides health and hygiene education to local schools

  • Zanskar Primary Health Care:

The Zanskar Valley is one of the most remote regions of the Himalaya, it is cut off from the outside world by snow for six months of the year. During this time, communities rely heavily on the local ‘amchi’ or traditional medical healers for primary health care. Sadly the region has unacceptable rates of infant mortality. They are working with the ‘amchi’ to train them in modern medical practices to complement their traditional approaches, helping to improve maternal health services in the region.

Their Work In Health:

Their health program focuses on strengthening primary health care with a focus on maternal and child health, mixing modern and traditional approaches. This ensures these communities have readily available health care and that women can give birth safely and with the appropriate support.

Download our TransparentHands iPhone Application for Online Donation



Welfare organizations working within the healthcare system are giving people a ray of hope, to get rid of the clutch of diseases and ill health and walk towards a life blessed with liveliness and enthusiasm. These organizations are assisting the poor population to move forward, pushing aside the challenges of life and making their troubles feel less burdensome.

It is needless to speak about the importance of welfare organizations in our society, that are providing free medical assistance to people who are deeply troubled by financial limitations. These organizations are also advocating for the people to make them understand their rights, and making efforts to create a democratic environment where healthcare would be accessible to people at affordable cost.

Poverty is a man-made crisis that cannot be alleviated overnight. On the other side uprooting the unethical practices and inequity in the healthcare system will require much time. Until we are able to find a permanent solution to these issues, we cannot let people suffer in sickness or die without treatment either.

Our healthcare system is running in the wrong direction with no respect for human life. Welfare organizations have built their charitable health programs, to address the real health issues of people along with the realization that access to basic healthcare is everyone’s civil right.

We must support the organizations and groups that have come forward with temporary solutions, to provide free and accessible medical care to people in distress. It is important to help one another in our society to bring a sense of relief in our toxic healthcare system.

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