Top 8 tips how not to give your site a traffic jam

Top 8 tips how not to give your site a traffic jam

Top 8 tips - How to give your site a traffic jam

From marketing products to create your own blog, what you write and how you write it could make or break how many people you have coming to your respective site. Using these particular steps can help increase the number of visitors to your site. In order to generate an online traffic jam, these are the Top 8 tips on how not to give your site a traffic jam.

Top 8 tips on how not to give your site a traffic jam

1- Do Not Plagiarize:  

If you want to be credible at all, you need to write your own original content on a subject, NOT copy off of another site or from another writer- that can penalize your company or self and even result in legal charges.

2- Do add images: 

Consider your audience to be children, attracted to pictures before text.  In addition to the content you’ve written, have some photographs or graphs that are appealing (note: make sure you either give credit to the original source or use your own).   

3- Don’t repeat – how not to give your site a traffic jam: 

The more you echo your facts, the faster a reader will get bored and most likely exit the page.  You want to engage the reader and keep them reading, not bore them.

4- Do make bullet or numbered lists –  how not to give your site a traffic jam:

Keeping your content simple is easier for a reader to digest, especially when they are formatted in a list.  Depending on the piece, you may not need a list, but if you have particular examples you would like to provide, create a list to make things uncomplicated.

5- Don’t forget who the audience is:  

More often than not, we forget who our target audience is, and start writing about whatever we believe (therefore becoming more opinionated). Remembering the target crowd is extremely beneficial for the company you write for or even yourself.  

6- Do create a “Call to Action” (CTA):  

There is something even better than generating traffic to your company site or blog- that is engaging them in an activity. Transparent Hands, as an example, posts blogs on patients as well as previous success stories.  These not only inspire visitors to the site, but create emotion towards the company- which then leads to subscriptions and donors for current or future patients.

7- Don’t have grammatical errors:  

If you think plagiarism is the only way you can lose credibility- think again. People want to read articles or posts that they could possibly learn from, but the moment you have a run-on sentence or one too many punctuation errors, you’ll run into a problem.

8- (Do) Edit, even if you don’t think you need to:

Always edit your content to ensure that it is as grammatically correct as possible, giving the reader an easier time going through the piece.

Top 8 tips how not to give your site a traffic jam. It is crucial that you should follow these steps in order to draw people towards your company or personal blog. These tips can also apply to other work such as essays, reports, or presentations in a learning or workplace environment.  All of these prove to be beneficial for a company or to create rising popularity for a blog, both of which will have an increase in traffic from online visitors, therefore bringing more success to yourself or a respective company.


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