Top 9 Reasons Charity Should Be Encouraged

Top 9 Reasons Charity Should Be Encouraged

Top 9 Reasons Charity Should Be Encouraged

We make a living by what we get, but make a life by what we give.”

                                                                                           -Winston Churchill

Charity is associated with donations often in a disrespectful manner or misjudged as pity. Charity is all about making a significant difference especially when you are blessed with abundant riches, giving away a fair chunk of money is an easy matter.

Our ignorance towards charity is a crying shame in today’s world, where we see the bulk of commercial advertisements, events are pouring everywhere to entice buyers but no such massive initiative steps are introduced to encourage the rich and the young generation to do charity or support a social cause.

A  World Bank report published this year has shown, from the year 2016 to 2017 the total number of poor has increased by 2.5 million, leaving the share of the global population living under extreme poverty remains unchanged at 10.7 percent.

Charity should be encouraged massively among the young generation and rich because it’s not the poor who only benefits from it, even the one giving and aiding the helpless reaps some reward.


1) Live Larger than life:

Donating even an insignificant amount of money in collaborations with others gives you the feeling of contentment as you are now an important part of something bigger. This increases your capacity for love. When you donate petty things like clothes, shoes or money to a worthy organization you realize you’re rich.

 2) Earn respect:

Respect cannot be given. You need to put up great efforts for your acts to attain respect. Lending help to the unprivileged can gain you respect from peers, family or colleagues as well as gives you the realization of your own self-worth.

3) Teach the value of generosity to children:

Kids are imitative.  When they see you donating, they adopt the similar mindset and are likely to grow up as a giving individual. Let your child accompany you to give food to the hungry and money to the needy. Generally, as parents, you would love to see your child grow up as a successful individual but before that, it’s really important to make sure your child grows up as generous human being. Nurture your child with proper human values.

4) Get aware of social problems:

You can’t dwell in the comfort zone of your home when the society is floating with numerous problems. The main root cause of these problems is poverty, causing a menace to the society.   Social issues are bound to affect your life in a way or other. As you get closer to the society, you get to know more about the social problems and are likely to motivate family and friends to contribute from their niches.

5) We are born equal:

None of us were created inferior or superior. It’s the racial and political norms that have ripped us apart and wealth have built social gaps because we have gained status symbol.These artificial barriers can be demolished once we dive into charitable causes and do our best to contribute.  This way we can learn the greater meaning of life.

6) You Get Immense pleasure:

A controlled experiment was carried out by the University of Oregon (USA) supported by the NIH’S National Institute, conducted on  19 participants who were told to give out $100 to the needy. After their brains were scanned scientists found out that, when you stand sincerely for the helpless it activates the pleasure centers of your brain leading to mental satisfaction and happiness.

7) Spirituality:

When you contribute to a good cause or perform a good deed it enlightens your soul and gives you emotional and mental satisfaction. When you feed a hungry stomach, give clothes to a shivering child or provide shelter to homeless unconditionally, you sense a divine purpose of life. This is what takes you on a spiritual journey.

8) Feel like a celebrity:

Let’s face this. Human nature is such that it seeks attention and wants to stand out in a crowd of millions. Take a look at the most popular celebrities or influential people, they all are involved in charitable deeds. When you donate you feel you are important to the act of giving and shaping the lives of others.  Gradually, you steal the show and become the person who can be looked up for charitable causes making you a  celebrity.

9) Closer to God:

No matter which religion you follow,  charity is a basic teaching of all religion. If you are a religious person praying daily, performing numerous rituals to connect with God, these aren’t   enough to be truly religious.  Charity is a benevolent act that brings you closer to the suffering and unprivileged ones and serving them brings you closer to mankind.Contributing to charity makes you an unselfish, generous, kind and considerate person which in turn brings you closer to God.

We all have the power to do miracles and bring a change to the world if each one of us takes the initiative to donate a tiny chunk of our earnings. When a big population is stirred to work for one particular cause changes are bound to happen.

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