Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Canada

Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Canada

crowdfunding in canada


Crowdfunding has gathered popularity over the last few decades because of one reason which is its effectiveness. You no longer have to march out or knock at people’s doors for funding. If the masses like what you are doing, they will fund you by pressing a few buttons at home. Similarly, you will get all the updates about the funds you have raised while you sip your evening cup of coffee. Ah, to be living in the era of the internet! In this article, we are going to talk about crowdfunding in Canada and the platforms that are popular there. If you are living in Canada but have no clue about trustworthy crowdfunding platforms, you are in for a treat. Whip up a latte and relax as we acquaint you with top crowdfunding platforms in Canada.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we stated truth here, would it be? And the truth is that no platform has helped more people raise money than GoFundMe. This is a platform that is working all around the world for a variety of causes. What comes to your mind when you hear the word cause? Social welfare, education, charity, business, or healthcare issues, right? Well, GoFundMe covers all that you just read. There are no processing fees or deadlines to abide by, which is one way of explaining this platform’s worldwide popularity.


Quirky features a crossover between crowdfunding and creativity. How many ideas don’t materialize every year simply because enough resources weren’t available to materialize those ideas? Sometimes, entrepreneurs believe that their idea is not worth the funding. Well, why don’t you let Quirky be the judge of that? Quirky has certainly revolutionized the concept of crowdfunding in Canada. There are no fees that you are supposed to pay. Also, the manufacturing and designing bit is Quirky’s headache as well once your project has the platform’s approval. Of course, your profits will be not great but hey, you aren’t losing much, are you?


Campaign for creativity is what Kickstarter believes in. Not everyone can make Hollywood standard films or compose songs like Linkin Park on their own. Without proper funding, such dreams remain a dream which is quite heart-breaking. However, Kickstarter believes that with an appropriate projection of ideas, angel investors can be motivated to donate to any interesting cause. We have no issues in ascertaining the fact that Kickstarter is one of the best creativity crowdfunding websites in Canada.


This is a platform that focusses on building relationships between men with ideas and angel investors. There are not many crowdfunding platforms that will fund an entrepreneurial idea in Canada. Crowdfunder provides entrepreneurs with a unique chance to materialize their dreams into reality. Also, investors who are interested in an idea can easily search for the niche they want to fund when they are using Crowdfunder. Since it is an equity-based crowdfunding platform, investors would like to fund a project in which they can foresee a return.

5- Transparent Hands

When it comes to crowdfunding for health, there is no platform bigger than Transparent Hands in Pakistan. The range of healthcare services offered by Transparent Hands is astoundingly vast. From medical and surgical treatments to medical camps and telehealth facilities, the NGO makes sure that the underprivileged Pakistanis have access to quality healthcare services. The NGO believes in creating a patient-donor bond while making sure that the protocols of transparency aren’t breached at any point. The NGO realizes the need for free medical camps in the rural areas, hence it actively sets up such camps as well. To donate, donors can log in to the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal from anywhere in the world. Payment modes are one hundred percent secure. Every donor has absolute freedom in selecting and funding patients of their choice. The NGO makes sure that regular updates until complete recovery are sent to the concerned donor.


That’s a wrap, folks. We wish we could go on but the limitations of time and space force us to conclude this discussion. Nevertheless, we hope that there was a lot that you learned from this article. If you have caught the giving bug or are someone who is starting up their own business, you can use the services of any of these credible platforms for crowdfunding in Canada.

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