Top NGOs Providing Flood Relief in Pakistan

Top NGOs Providing Flood Relief in Pakistan

Flood Relief in Pakistan

The recent floods have claimed many lives and injured thousands. They have also caused the loss of tens of hundreds of acres of farmland and crops, in addition to the deaths of a significant number of animals. Families have lost their means of subsistence and are now wholly reliant on aid from charitable organizations. Flood victims are in dire need of safe food, uncontaminated water, and healthcare aid right now. According to UNICEF, more than 3 million children are in need of healthcare services in Pakistan’s flood-affected areas. Charitable organizations are urging donors to increase their contributions toward flood relief in Pakistan. 

The devastation caused by the floods is increasing both in terms of the affected area and the severity of the suffering experienced by the flood victims. In this time of critical need, we ask that you lend your kind help to the devastated individuals and towns as they fight to reconstruct their lives and maintain their means of subsistence. The following is a list of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that need your contributions to provide flood relief in Pakistan.

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is the most prominent online platform for crowdfunding in Pakistan’s healthcare sector. The organization arranges free medical camps and preventive healthcare sessions for the economically disadvantaged population in Pakistan. Transparent Hands provides a comprehensive spectrum of free health services, ranging from diagnostic tests like Hepatitis B & C Screenings to Open-Heart Surgeries. Its mission is to alleviate the pain and suffering of the millions of people in Pakistan who are unable to access adequate surgical and medical care due to a shortage of healthcare facilities. People who have been uprooted by the recent floods are looking for somewhere safe to stay, food to eat, and medical attention. Transparent Hands is currently arranging flood relief camps in KPK, Sindh, and South Punjab where the affectees are receiving free medical care and food packs. The prevalence of diseases rises in flood-affected communities due to the lack of access to clean water and sanitation. The organization aims to help 100,000 flood victims. Read more about Transparent Hands’ flood relief campaign.

Al-Khidmat Foundation

Alkhidmat Foundation’s volunteer network stretches from Karachi to Chitral to the Thar Desert. Alkhidmat is known for its rapid response in times of crisis, be it a natural disaster or pandemic. Alkhidmat offers relief solutions in all spheres of life, including provisions for flood relief. The organization’s services include support for orphans, relief in the event of a calamity, and the distribution of clean drinking water.

Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation’s flood relief team has been on working all across the country to help the affectees. They have been saving people’s lives by doing their best to provide help to people in every possible way. They are distributing food, dry ration packages, tarpaulin sheets, healthcare assistance, and other essential items. 

Health Effects of Floods in Pakistan

HANDS Pakistan

The organization’s Department of Disaster Management aims to lessen or prevent the possible losses that could be caused by hazards and provide timely and appropriate support to those who have been affected by disasters. Hands Pakistan is distributing shelter kits, rations, and hygiene kits among the flood affectees. The organization is also publishing situation reports on the recent floods. 

Akhuwat Foundation

Following its ‘Mawakhat’ ideology, Akhuwat is assisting its siblings who have been negatively impacted by the recent flooding that has occurred across Pakistan. A Flood Relief Fund has been established by Akhuwat to provide emergency assistance to hundreds of eligible people and households who have been impacted by floods.

Let’s lend a helping hand to those in need during these difficult times. With the help of these charitable organizations, we can easily play our part in flood relief in Pakistan. Donate today. 

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