Top 12 Social Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

Top 12 Social Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

Top Welfare Organizations in Pakistan

We’re looking into our top 12 welfare organizations that provide charitable acts to those in need.  Charity is an important aspect in every religion of the world; there is no faith that does not support or promote the helping of others. In previous blog posts and articles, we have had an insight into the importance of charity, and its role in benefiting not only the receiver but the donor as well. In this post, we will be giving a look into the top welfare organizations in Pakistan, which help people to live a pain-free life and be given necessary surgical treatment. Let us explain to you about the Top Welfare Organizations in Pakistan.

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History of Charitable Organizations

Till the mid of 18th century, the charity was distributed via parish relief, almshouses, churches, and bequests that were earned from the rich people of the society. These charities were also accountable for the health, education, and housing of prisons in some cases. Established in entire Europe, the almshouses were meant to provide residence to poor and old people. The first registered almshouse was founded back in the 10th century by King Athelstan.

However, now in the 19th century onward, things have changed a lot. There are better and pre-defined rules for these organizations and they are working on a diverse range of projects with the core aim of serving humanity and improving the lives of people. There are hundreds of registered organizations that are working for the betterment of people on one or more causes.


Transparent Hands Trust is a top welfare organizations in Pakistan and the first online Crowdfunding platform in the health sector of Pakistan, which is striving to provide the best surgical treatment to thousands of underprivileged patients.


Transparent Hands Charity Trust uses its web portal to connect billions of donors around the world to help in funding the surgeries of these patients. It also ensures to provide a transparent funding system to the donors.

Donors are ensured that each penny they donate will be spent on the needy patient’s surgery and this is done through the hospital bills which are uploaded on Transparent Hand’s web portal. They can donate any amount they like and receive regular updates until the patient to whom they donated, receives complete medical relief.

Transparent Hands Charity Trust has the vision to expand its healthcare services all over Pakistan & then move towards the education sector.

 2-Edhi Foundation:

Edhi Foundation is the biggest name in Pakistan’s charity organization in Pakistan. It is one of the best social welfare service providers across the world running on a non-commercial, non-political, and non-communal basis.


It is serving round-the-clock without any discrimination of color, class, and creed and is enjoying exclusive credentials in the shape of awards and shields conferred upon Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi (late) and Mrs. Bilquis Edhi by governmental and non-governmental organizations on a national and international level for rendering their exemplary services to humanity in multidimensional fields. Edhi has the largest ambulance fleet in the world.

3-Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital:

Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital is one of the largest charity organizations in Pakistan established by Imran Khan. Imran Khan, after touching the heights of popularity through his great career in cricket and now also in politics as the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Pakistan’s second-largest political party till date, holds great concern for people suffering from this deadly disease.


This historic hospital was the only healthcare provider for the cancer patients at the time of its establishment. With its successful operation in Lahore and Peshawar, Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital employs the modern technology and advanced machinery for the detection and treatment of various types of cancer.

The formation grips the services of qualified doctors serving the people who are unable to afford the cure of cancer. The hospital does not charge a single penny and turns the infected individuals towards better life from the death edge.

4-Chhipa Welfare Association:

The Chhipa Welfare Association is also one of the very efficient charity organizations in Pakistan, founded in 2007 by Ramzan Chhipa. Its activities include ambulance service and free or low-cost food to people with low income. The association is headquartered in Karachi and operates throughout the city. Chhipa Welfare Association is purely a non-profit NGO which is serving humanity without any discrimination of caste creed or color.


5-Aurat Foundation:

Established in 1986, as a national, non-profit and non-governmental charity organization in Pakistan under the Societies’ Registration Act 1860, Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation (Aurat Foundation/AF) is committed to create widespread awareness and commitment for a just, democratic and caring society in Pakistan, where women and men are recognized as equals, with the right to lead their lives with self-respect and dignity.


Over the last 29 years, Aurat Foundation is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the leading institutions creating, facilitating and strengthening civil society groups and networks for promoting trust and collaboration among citizens to mobilize public pressure for women’s empowerment in the country.

6-Shahid Afridi Foundation:

After enjoying the victorious cricket career, Shahid Afridi is now serving humanity through Shahid Afridi Foundation which grasps the vision of making Pakistan the motherland of educated people and ensuring the best health facilities without any discrimination.


The goal of SAF is to go global and create an alliance with other reputable foundations to serve people irrespective of race, religion, national origin, and color. SAF is currently in the process of constructing a hospital and school within Pakistan which will be focused to support people who are in need of healthy life, proper education and medical necessities.

7-Ansar Burney Trust International:

The Ansar Burney Trust is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profitable and a charity organization in Pakistan that is working to fight against all forms of injustices, cruel inhuman and degrading treatment, child abuse, cruelty to women and other more subtle forms of human and civil rights violations without any discrimination of affiliation.


The NGO is run by Ansar Burney himself and it’s striving to raise awareness, provide free legal advice and services and humanitarian assistance where needed. They have also established “Prisoners Aid Society” to bring reform in police stations, prisons and mental institutions and work for the aid, advice, release, rehabilitation and welfare of the illegally and unlawfully detained prisoners and mental patients.

8- Darul Sukun – Top Welfare Organizations in Pakistan:

Darul Sukun is an exceptional center functioning for the comfort of mentally disabled children and adults. This leading NGO gives place to such members of society which have been left behind by their loved ones.


It’s a home to disabled individuals who are residing upon the streets, witnessing the harshness of their loved ones. These people are brought in by social workers, relatives or even police to improve their miserable condition. Sr. Gertrude started this amazing platform and served the important part of society here in Pakistan without flying back to Holland.

9-Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF):

Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) is one of the largest non-government international charity organizations in the world, with a network of branches and projects in over 100 countries worldwide. It was started by Tahir-ul-Qadri as a part of Minhaj-ul-Quran International. Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) is fully registered with the UK charity commission.


Its head office is in Pakistan. MWF helps to support the poor and needy in marginalized communities by working for their rights, providing children the access to education, providing the poor access to Basic Health Care and the means for Social Economic and Welfare support.

10-Aga Khan Foundation:

Aga Khan Foundation is an NGO that works to improve the quality of life for villagers. The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), alongside its sister AKDN agencies, has implemented innovative, community-driven solutions to development challenges for more than 45 years.


It focuses on a small number of specific development problems by forming intellectual and financial partnerships with organizations sharing its objectives. With a small staff, a host of cooperating agencies and thousands of volunteers, the Foundation reaches out to vulnerable populations, irrespective of their race, religion, ethnicity or gender.

11- Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan:

Al-Khidmat Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization based in Lahore that focuses on a wide range of humanitarian services across Pakistan. Al-Khidmat Foundation has been active in flood relief and other disaster relief work for many years.


In addition, the organization runs schools and orphan homes, manages clean water projects, runs ambulances, sets up medical camps, provides help to those in jail and offers goods and supplies to those in need.

12- EHSAS (Education, Health, and Social Achievement Services):

EHSAS is an NGO based in Chakwal and Islamabad. Its projects target a wide range of areas including poverty alleviation, healthcare, education and social development. EHSAS has various ongoing efforts in place including EHSAS library, EHSAS blood bank, EHSAS Hepatitis Awareness and Vaccination Program, EHSAS Horticulture Development Program and EHSAS Good Governance Program.



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    1. Dear Imtiaz,
      We discussed this case with our doctor who has suggested that the surgery related to this condition is variable according to the site of bones involved. It is the specialized procedure done by a team of surgeons from various departments in multidisciplinary hospital. So better be treated with the same hospital where he is admitted.

  2. i wants to open a school in a backward area for better Education For All poors .can you help me????
    Asad Ur Rehman

    1. Dear Asad,
      Transparent Hands only deals in surgeries of poor patients free of cost. Unfortunately, we are unable to help you in your mentioned case. However, if you know any deserving patient who needs surgical treatment, you can always refer them to us.

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    1. Dear M. Akram,
      Transparent Hands only deals in free of cost surgical treatment of poor patients. We don’t give funds to anyone for any purpose. Unfortunately, we are unable to help you in your case. Thanks

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    1. Dear Mohammad Aslam,
      Transparent Hands only deals in free of cost surgical treatment of poor patients. We don’t give funds to anyone for any purpose. Unfortunately, we are unable to help you in your case. Thanks

  5. Resected donars we need a charitable organization in District Zhob, Balochistan. would any one plz participate?

    1. Dear Ajmal,
      Transparent Hands only deals in surgical treatment of poor patients in Pakistan. We are currently operating in Lahore but our patients come to us from all over the country. If you come across any needy patient who needs surgical treatment, you can refer him to us.

      1. How we can contact with you, for my childrens cochlear implantation surgery.
        GhulamRasool Peshawar
        pakistan 00923439040056

  6. I have started Charity foundation with a name of “Hug Foundation”. My aim is to support those people who cannot fulfill there daily basic needs. we should still have a duty to the poor for bringing them back in a normal life. We will be success when they are smiling with shining eyes. So come and join my aim that can change the world. You’r one dollar has much value for them. Kindly deposit your one dollar on monthly basis. This is the only way to get rid of bad luck and earn god happiness.

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  7. Dear Ghulam,
    Transparent Hands provide free of cost surgical treatment to the poor patients and that doesn’t include implant. Unfortunately, we are unable to help you in your mentioned case. However, you can contact Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) or Bahria Town Hospital Lahore.
    We wish your children speedy recovery.

  8. R/Sir
    With due regard I want to bring this in your kind Notice that Mr. Hayat Khan from karachi age 48 years and married with no kids was working as a helper on contract basis in BSF company five years ago but unfortunately he had injured by iron drum on his leg got paralyzed on bed since five years, he was admitted in the hospital and his treatment was continue in the hospital than doctor has suggested to cut the leg due to his sugar disease, he belongs to very poor family. He needs treatment and medicines.
    Therefore I want to make a humble request to all of human kind do something for him for sadqa jariya.
    Abid Ali
    Karachi Pakistan
    Contact no. 00923333391430

    1. Thank you for your message. Here are our contact details:
      1- Health Care Administrator 0313-1418444
      2- Patient Coordinator 0316-4842198
      3- Office Contact Details +92-423-5201125

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