TransparentHands Online Zakat Calculator is the best tool available online

TransparentHands Online Zakat Calculator is the best tool available online

TransparentHands Online Zakat Calculator is the best tool available online

 “Those who give to charity during the good times, as well as the bad times, are the suppressors of anger, and pardoners of the people. GOD loves the charitable”.

                                                                                                                                       The Holy Quran [3:134] 

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and an obligation which must be performed by all Muslims. Islam is the religion of peace so it has encouraged rich and wealthy Muslims to give Zakat to establish social justice.

When calculating Zakat the amount owed often becomes the subject of confusion. The simplest and easiest way to fulfill your obligation of Zakat is to use Zakat calculator to work out how much you have to pay. Zakat calculators save your time and only take into account those values that are eligible for Zakat. Transparent Hands Online Zakat Calculator will enable you to calculate your Zakat correctly and it is the best calculator available online.

Transparent Hands is a nonprofit organization contributing to the healthcare system of Pakistan through its transparent Crowd funding platform. Transparent Hands raises funds on behalf of the poor patients and conducts their surgeries free of cost at private hospitals.

-> Facts of zakat and How do you calculate your Zakat

Facts of Zakat and How do you Calculate Your Zakat

Your Zakat can help nonprofit organizations like Transparent Hands that provide free medical treatments to the poor men, women and children if you decide to make donation to such organization. Even if you decide to distribute your Zakat money individually it will greatly help the unprivileged people that require our support to live with human dignity. So it is important that the rich and wealthy people calculate their Zakat accurately and give it to the most deserving recipients.

TransparentHands offers a Zakat calculator that has made the entire process of calculating Zakat extremely simple and straightforward. This newly designed and updated calculator does all the calculations for you. Just enter a few numbers and the calculator will work accurately to calculate the owed amount for you.

There are many variables involved in determining how much an individual must pay which often leads to confusion and peopleusually forgetsomething or add something unnecessarily. The Zakat Calculator from Transparent hands eliminates these mistakes altogether and shows your exact Zakatable amount.

Transparent hands calculator can calculate amounts in US Dollars and Pakistani Rupees.While calculating you are  required to give detailed information of your assets which will be included in your Zakat calculation such as cash in hand, in bank accounts or money lent to someone, shares, pensions, value of crops, money from property investment and gold and silver. However you need not include your personal items such as your home, furniture, cars, food, and clothing in Nisab.

If your net yearly savings fall below the Nisaab amount you need not pay Zakat. If your net capital exceed the Nisaab value it will be mandatory for you to give zakat. Keep in mind that in addition to cash, Zakat is also owed on gold, silver, investments, rent income, business merchandise and profits, shares, and bonds. All of these must be taken into account when calculating the Zakat amount.

Zakat is the only pillar in Islam that enables the Muslims to fulfill their responsibility towards the society. Zakat is obligatory on every Muslim who is of sound mind and possesses more wealth than the Nisab amount. You can pay Zakat at any time of the year if you know that your personal wealth is above Zakat. Keep a note of the date so that you remember when it’s due in the next year. Paying Zakat is another way to cleanse the soul and ones wealth. Zakat is an essential act of worship through which Muslims benefit themselves as well as others and establish social justice

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